New Face(s) But Same Ole’ Suck

New Face(s) But Same Ole’ Suck

9 Faithful inclusive of 1 site FNG powered through what Spackler had to offer at #F3FastTwitch.

The Thang

Indian Run from SCM to Davey Park (~ 1 mile).  Warm up.  30 min of activity.  Indian Run back to SCM.

Warm up

SSH x 30

Squat x 30

Mosey to hill for burpee/jump squat ladder x 11.


Mosey to playground, partner up:

Partner 1 perform called exercise while Partner 2 runs down to gate and back (~ 300 yards x 6 = 1,800 yards – a little over 1 mile) – flapjack

Exercises performed – Wide Arm Merkin, Step Ups, Merkin, Monkey Humpers x 2, JLo

Indian Run back to SCM.

Dolly x 25 (cadence)

Total Mileage – Let’s go with ~ 3 miles


About the same ole’ crew this morning for The Twitch until site FNG, Hannibal, pulls up followed by the infamous Hops.  Hops isn’t a site FNG but can certainly count on one hand as to how many times he has posted at Fast Twitch.  Great to have you both.  Hannibal, hope you enjoyed it and hope you come back out.

T-claps to Chelms for taking the War Daddy superlative from Purple Haze this week.  He was pretty giddy about that……Other than that, not a lot of chatter today, not that there really ever is because of the O2 deprivation.

YHC wanted to deliver something a little different, probably selfishly, bc he committed to a 5.5 mile run this past Sunday and wouldn’t have done so had he remembered this upcoming Q.  Also, sometimes you gotta have some exercise reps built in to even out the ache later in the day. That’s the story and I will stick to it.  As always, the Monkey Humper and JLo took home top prize for the most awkward #crowdpleaser.  Unanimous winner of suck for YHC goes to the burpee ladder, specifically the jump squats.  They were worse than the burpees themselves.

Prayers to Turkey Leg – get better soon.  Please tell us you dropped a KB on your toes?

Thank you Hops for taking us out in prayer


Email Baracas if you are interested in participating in the BRR




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10 years ago

TL showed at SkunkWorks this morning thinking there wouldn’t be much running (not the case) and then started EH’ing guys to Fast Twitch after the COT. Shifty little bird, that one, but TClaps for posting with the busted toes.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

It was ridiculous last week when I was the WD at FastTwitch…the first time, at 42, that I’ve taken home the award. Shoot, probably would’ve had it again this morning had Chelms not shown up…keep coming out Chelms…I need you. But I guess trying to keep up with these young guns will keep me young…or kill me.

Tough workout Spack! The burpees were truly sucking until I crossed from 6 burpees/5 jump squats to 5 burpees/6 jump squats. Then the jump squats sucked. I guess that how 11s get you though.

Good to have Hannibal out…had the pleasure of partnering with him today…solid effort on his first FT. And Hops always gives maximum effort on the Indian Runs…probably equates to about a 4.3 40 when he’s bustin’ it to the front.

Favorite moment was when Frasier got to the front of the Indian Run line then veered off to get his jacket he’d hung over the fence…and all of us followed right along.

10 years ago

Might take two hands to count my FT posts….but probably not. Plan to start alternating with SW so to better prep for BRR. Never too early to start prepping..or maybe it is too early? #closertalker prep for mud run before BRR.
Good Q Spackler. And thanks to Frasier for not lapping us on the runs to the gate & back #merciful
Leroy’s older than you, too, PH – so you’re good if he or Chelms continues to post.
I think a couple of the pax, in fact, ran into the split rail fence following Frasier #lemmings

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Leroy and I ride together so PH will have to pay double if he wants one of us to show up so he can avoid WD moniker.

For the record, I kicked Fraser’s $#$ in the ladder (not so much on the partner runs). Actually,the WD should have gotten Larry Bird credit on the ladder (#itsnotcheatingifyoudontgetcaught) I also raced out in front of Frasier in the car when we exited the parking lot after COT so really I took him down twice today. It was a great morning.

Thanks for strong leader Spackler.

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