Watch out for card sharks

Watch out for card sharks

The virtual flag was planted and 14 men, glad for the heat wave, showed up for some end of week fun.

The Thang

COP right in the parking area

  • SSH X25
  • Merkins X20
  • Diamonds X10
  • IW X15

Circuit work – Three rounds with brick work at one end of football field and jump rope at other end – groups of three trading places with runs between stations and handing off the “baton” that looked like either a jump rope or a brick.

  • Round 1 – Alternate curls and shoulder presses
  • Round 2 – Man maker merkins
  • Round 3 – Squats with bricks out front

Jog to top of aquatic center for some draw poker (the PAX can thank Gunny).   Draw a card – Yellow = Bear crawl times number on card with one wild card, Blue = Turkish get-ups times number on the card, Red = burpees X 5, and Green = Partner merkin ladder X number on the card.

  • Hops draw – Jackpot right off the get go – Yellow reverse – 10 down hill bear crawls
  • Purple haze – Red 4 – 8 turkish get-ups (4 each arm)
  • Hops draw – You guessed it – Yellow 4 – 4 up hill bear crawls
  • Runstopper draw – Red 4 – Partner merkin ladder to 4
  • Q draw – Blue 4 – 4 burpees
  • Q draw – Yellow 3 – 3 up hill bear crawls (third one backward thanks to PH audible)
  • Q draw – Red 8 – Partner merkin ladder to 8

Job back to parking lot for COT

Naked Moleskin

The pax can thank Gunny for the card game.  It was much worse on Monday at DMZ when we did it for about 40 of the 45 minutes.   Not sure whose idea it was to use bricks and jump ropes.

Great to have Runstopper back after long hiatus.  When is your next Q at Centurion?  Also, can’t wait to see you and 2.0 at AG.

Purple haze can’t help himself.  Always has to call an audible to make the pax work harder.   Last week at fast twitch and now this week at Centurion.

Hops showed how lucky he can be by pulling the very worst card from the deck on the first pull (#onpurposemaybe?).   10 downhill bear crawls to start was aweful and only thing worse would have been to do them last.   However, PAX should watch the dealer next time and make sure there is no slight of hand going on.


Corn Hole tournament at Udder’s church to raise funds for a mission trip.  Check out the web site for details but I think he said January 18 from noon to 5.

Hops mentiond several Third F opportunities.  Check the web site and weekly email for locations and times.

COTS going strong one weekend per month to help those less fortunate.   Check out web site if interested in getting involved.   F3 Nation is about generating ideas at the site level and using the power of F3 to make an impact by pulling together men of common purpose.

Lone Survivor showing tonight.  Check out web site for time and location.  You may be able to get a ticket if not signed up but not guarantees.

As always, it was an honor to lead this group of strong men this morning.   I am truly blessed.


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10 years ago

Pleasure to play some cards on Monday at DMZ and at Centurion today. Nice to see everyone win. Partner Merkins to 8 after several bear crawls is certainly enjoyable. Great Q this morning Chelms.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Nice Q Chelms. Incessant bear crawls and partner merkins as bookends to my work week…simply awful.

Yes, apparently I can’t help but blurt out things that put evil thoughts in your head, as I did it even after noting that I have a problem with it. I should probably seek some sort of treatment. But you know, as a rule, you don’t have to listen to or implement anything I say.

10 years ago

That was painful Chelms. I do like to call for the bear crawls…however, not nearly that many. Also came to the realization that downhill bear crawls are perhaps more pulverizing to the shoulders than backwards uphill bear crawls. Brutal. Can’t wait to incorporate more of them!
Thank you very little Gunny.
As per Strange Brew, I’m not welcome to accompany any of the pax to Vegas anytime. #badluck

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I am truly dissappointed I missed Chelms Q. Sounded brutally enjoyable. Downhill BC…hmmm. Sounds like hate and discontent made a showing…nice work. see you tonight!

10 years ago

DMZ and Centurion were great bookends to the week! On to Murph tomorrow. #unsavory
Great job, Chelms/Tater- except for the jump ropes; I made the average 9 yr old girl look like an Olympic boxer-

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