Frozen Skunk

Frozen Skunk

winter frozen skunk

15 (may have been 16) ignored the warning from the weatherman (and the wife) and fought frostbite at Skunkworks with a windchill below zero.

– IW
– Low slow goblet squats
– Vikings

Bus Runs
– Run to parking lot
– 10 upright rows, sprint to bus and back
– 15 goblet squats w/ press, 10 upright rows, sprint to bus and back
– 20 two-handed swings, 15 goblet squats w/ press, 10 upright rows, run loop around church
– 15 goblet squats w/ press, 10 upright rows, sprint to bus and back
– 10 upright rows, sprint to bus and back
– Plankarama including 6″; commentary from the crowd about cold weather shrivel down to 6″, althought it was pointed out that it was 6″ collectively

– Lunge walk down the hill
– Split into 3 groups
– 1-armed rows, tricep press on bench, 20 burpees, switch when group hits 20 burpees
– 1-armed rows, chest press on bench, 15 burpees
– 1-armed rows, good mornings, 10 burpees

– Indian run back to flag pole
– Mason twists w/ KB
– Flutter w/ KB press

I think there were 15 out there but if I missed you, sound off below, my apologies. Good group out there this am despite the sub-zero wind chill. I had a more elaborate warm-up planned but my fingers were going numb, so we got straight into the running. There was never any doubt that TR would uphold his no sleeves pledge. He said it takes 40 minutes before frostbite sets in (don’t we go for 45 minutes?). At the other end of the spectrum, Bananas wore his ski coat and Brown had on his fur hat. Happy 42nd birthday to Swiss Miss! Extra credit trick from Bananas – you can heat up your car key with a lighter to open a frozen door lock…it’s cold!

Announcements: Lone Survivor this weekend (read the book first), look for announcement on volunteer opportunities with Church on the Street. Thanks to Busch for the send out and prayers for those without the comforts of a warm house.

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10 years ago

Great Q Harley, that much lifting and running was the only way we were staying warm today and was all that I could ask for after being out for two weeks. I had on so much gear that it was like I was working out in my own privately heated room! Glad to be back in the gloom with you fellas.

10 years ago

Nice one Harley! Browns “Mother Russia” hat was classic. Didn’t recognize many of the pax out there due to the bundling until the COT. The six inches banter was funny stuff!

Good Hands
10 years ago

Good job today Harley! Tough workout, especially in the middle of an arctic vortex. I think my face is still thawing out. I can’t imagine what the guy that drove by in the pickup truck thought about seeing a bunch of bundled up men (and one not-so-bundled-up) throwing around KB’s! I think deep down he wanted to join us.

10 years ago

Good job Harley! Obviously, sub zero temps shrink my lungs among other things…6″ collaborative effort! The KB Indian run at the end almost got you a KB to the face, but all I could do was walk it out! Vodka is water in “Mother Russia”, but still doesn’t help before a workout! Neither did the hat other than the warmth!

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