Skunkworks – The One Sided Pyramid

Skunkworks – The One Sided Pyramid

23 men kicked the rainy weather in the teeth and got after it at Skunkworks.

–         SSH x 25
–         2 Handed KB Swings x 20
–         KB Goblet Squats x 22
–         Tricep KB Press x 15
–         Burpees x 20
–         IW x 20
–         Merkin Pyramid to x 7 and back down (personal hate on this one)

Lunge walk w/ KB to big tree

Merkin / KB Farmer Carry Chasers – partner up (try to avoid manly KB partners like TR, Busch, Bulldog and others), standard merkin x 10, wide arm x 10, diamond x 10 then sprint, partner KB farmer carry, repeat until bottom of stairs

One-Sided Hill Pyramid (maybe a better description should have been a cliff)
–         2 Handed KB Swings x 10, 1 hill sprint
–         KB Goblet Squats x 20, 2 Handed KB Swings x 10, 2 hill sprints
–         Upright KB Rows x 30, KB Goblet Squats x 20, 2 Handed KB Swings x 10, 3 hill sprints
–         Burpees x 40, Upright KB Rows x 30, KB Goblet Squats x 20, 2 Handed KB Swings x 10, 4 hill sprints

Back to the Flag for Mary
–         KB Louganis x 20
–         Mason Twists x 15
–         LBC no KB x 25

The plan was fairly simple – go as hard as possible for 45 minutes. Mission accomplished! I was smoked early and appreciate the strong finish by all. Great camaraderie this am, and I know there is no way I get through that workout solo. Sure it would have been easy to set more manageable reps on the pyramid…but this is Skunkworks. Thankfully the clock saved us from the other side of the pyramid. Lots of complaints out of TR that others were modifying reps and cheating to beat him. Sounds like TR either needs to downgrade his KB or Cottonmouth and others need to upgrade…or maybe they are just faster.

If you are a Skunkworks regular and don’t have a KB…time to ask Santa. No dumbbells in 2014.

Garmin recap –, lots of calories burned for 1.19 miles

– Harley

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10 years ago

That was a fine #throatchop of a Q.

Your accusation of complaining impels me to rebut. There is a moral distinction between compromising on form and modifying. I was expressing my disapproval of the former, not the latter.

Ten good squats is modifying. Twenty quick bows is compromising.

Matlock’s Giant Kettlebell Eyeball of Truth is watching. It knows.

10 years ago

Skunkworks is getting nastier by the Tuesday. If it gets any worse one of those unopened bevies might get cracked post workout! Great job Q.

Good Hands
10 years ago

Great lead today Harley. I’m still feeling the effects. Thank you very little.

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