Wooly Vest

Wooly Vest

16 men gathered on the Mckee Road Elementary School grounds to dodge bullets at The Matrix.

The Thang

-Jog around back fields

-Warm up… you know the drill… IW, SSH, Squats

-Playground… you know the drill… three cycles of pull ups, dips and merkins

-Lunge / CDD combo

-Butt kicks / High Knees / Karoake / Back Pedal / Merkin combo


-20 burpees

-10 merkins


  • Ever notice how many guys across F3 Nation have taken to referring to themselves in third person?  Joker, for one, doesn’t really care for it… but he will try it on for size in this backblast.
  • Joker donned his wooly blue vest for the first time this season… summer is officially over.  #fashionstatement.  #keepthecorewarm.     
  • Joker was reminded today why we don’t typically do People’s Chair in a face-to-face orientation.  Tiger Rag, I’m scarred for life, and since I didn’t sign a waiver [see #Joust] today I may file suit based on emotional injury.  #badvisual.  #wearloosershorts. 
  • Joker enjoyed seeing Strikeout in the gloom this morning.  Welcome back. 
  • Joker noticed that Uncle Leo, Red Card and Abacus have a decided advantage in the lunge walks.  Joker says that next time we will let the guys under six feet tall get a head start. 
  • Today, Joker not only saw himself as a workout Q, but an entertainer and icon as well. 
  • Joker is tired of referring to himself as Joker.  Time to ban the third person.     


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Run Stopper
Run Stopper
10 years ago

The Run Stopper found Jokers Post entertaining and provocative. The Run Stopper wised he were present at The Matrix to witness The Joker at Work.

The Run Stopper is tired now, and will be going to bed soon.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Run Stopper
10 years ago


10 years ago

started the ThirdP-Selfie. He’s still at it.

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