(Insert Clever Workout Title Here)

(Insert Clever Workout Title Here)

21 men showed up in the gloom to do some work. The Q was returning to Hydra after a long hiatus due to injury, so it was a nice, relaxing workout. No big deal. Maybe a few burpees?

The Thang:

Warm up run around school

Side-Straddle Hops x 30

Imperial Walkers x 30

Mountain Climbers x 30

Plank o Rama – Right Hand/Leg High, Regular, Left Hand/Leg High, Regular

Flutters x 30 with 30 count hold at the end (10-counts via Bugeater, Hops, and YHC)

Group counts off by 3’s for some station work:

3 stations, 3 exercises at each station, 3 cycles through all 3 stations.

Station 1: The Track

Jump-Squats x 10

Burpees x 20

LBC’s x 30

Station 2: The Playset

Pull-Ups x 10

Burpees x 20

LBC’s x 30

Station 3: The Track

Jump Up’s x 10

Burpees x 20

LBC’s x 30

Circle up behind the school for…..thats right, you guessed it:

Burpees x 10

Mosey to Parking Lot for COT.


Not a lot of chatter heard this morning. Nothing terribly exciting to report. If you have anything to add, please post in the comments section below.


There was some mention made of the date for the F3 Christmas Party (we’re having a Christmas Party?) being moved up or back a week. Stay tuned for an update shortly.

Anybody know anyone is Greensboro? Greyhound is looking to start up an F3 chapter there.

For those keeping track:

Total Burpee Count = 190 (Everyone should really do 10 more burpees today on their own to get to 200. Leaving the count so close is just not right. It’s not peer pressure….Just Do It.)

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10 years ago

AYE – great Q this morning DK – and yes, I will be doing my burpees once I get home. Universe feels a little out of balance stopping at 190.

10 years ago

I plan on doing 11burpees tonight. Do I hear 12? Anyone? Beuhler? Anyone?

10 years ago

I’ll knockout 10 more to get to an even 200 today.
Anybody else notice Wolfman always scoots out before sun-up?……
And t-claps to Greyhound. I’ll consider it the Lord’s graceful favor if I’m even sitting up and taking nourishment 32 years from now.

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