Backblast – DMZ – painfest 09/30/2013

Backblast – DMZ – painfest 09/30/2013

Near 40 men gathered in the gloom for a hearty deposit on the week ahead.

The Thang:

Ball of Man – start it right

Run in to Middle School – Warm Up

SSH X 20

Imperial Walker X 15

Merkins X 15

Peter Parker X 20

Mountain Climber X 20

Seal Jacks (brought by Skywalker – a Southie special) X 20

Run to Lacrosse field for Chasers AKA OJ Simpsons

Partner up; Partner 1 lays with their 6 on the deck, Partner 2 sprints while Partner 1 jumps up and tries to catch Partner 2. If caught, P2 does 10 burpees. If not caught, P1 does 5 burpees.

Repeat 4X (2 as hunter, 2 as hunted) followed by mosey and 1 side by side (P1 v P2 – sprint out)

Mosey to parking lot, Karaoke right, Karaoke left

Adjacent Parking Lot – 11s

1 burpee, run 50 yards, 10 lunge jumps – 2 burpees/9 lunge jumps – go til flapjack

6 minutes of Mary, #HorseGrunting going on

Run out to COT

Props: Rampart – pulled hammy but committed and never quit, #Oorah, Chelms – Respect (capital R) — Chelms brings the heat every time I post and he certainly did this morning, Dirt Bike – FNG but posted with style #LeadFromTheFront, Skywalker – for grabbing Dirt Bike for his 1st Post

Correct me on names, Siri was taking a nap when I took roll call, #SiriSucks

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10 years ago

Hate I missed another classic Swiper beat down this am, -but not too much not to #smartsack after my LSD yesterday – legs needed a break this am. Swiper – glad to see you continue to venture south, and that you made it past the check points with no issues…

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Impressive smoke fest this AM. One correction, that’s Cheese Curd, not turd. WOW, that would be a bad name. I often wonder who else hears that?!

Reply to  Cheese Curd
10 years ago

I’m with you, Turd…that’s an unfortunate mistake. #turdferguson

10 years ago

Drexler was there for every painful minute and the infrequent 10-counts.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I get a shout out but not included in the PAX? Guess that’s what I get for going Larry Bird on the Q.

10 years ago

Siri really butchered some of the names – good humor (see Gymboree aka Jamboree, Bechard aka Rashard, etc, etc)
Strong Q Swiper. You also failed to list your boss – Gunny – amongst the pax. He was there in strong fashion as my partner on the OJ’s!

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Swiper
10 years ago

Not necessary, but thanks! I am a relatively new to DMZ and I kind of felt like a turd with everyone running past me with their smoke boots on. So I can understand any confusion 🙂

10 years ago

Woke up this morning at 6:30–wondering why my arms were so sore…then it hit me…way too many Burpees.

Solid Q.

& Rampart shouldn’t have chosen to chase a man-o-God…you see what happened when Jacob wrestled One.


My Sharona
My Sharona
10 years ago

Gunny certainly demands respect on multiple levels, age is probably the least of those. However, as for War Daddy I believe at 60 and counting I have him beat by a decade. Just saying.

10 years ago

Great lead Swiper. #LeadFromThe Front.
The chaser was a killer. That will definitely be used again at #DMZ.

I haven’t sprinted like that since throwing snowballs at cars who would then chase ME. No, that wasn’t last winter. It was more than 30 years ago. Hopefully, you and Gunny will overlook my transgression and not report that up the chain of command. #NotASecurityThreat

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