SPEARHEAD Mini-Ruck – “Can We Have That Basketball goal?”

SPEARHEAD Mini-Ruck – “Can We Have That Basketball goal?”

Eleven rucktards and one shadow posted around the shovel flag this morning for a solid dose of pain with a side of fellowship.

The Thang:
We completed the Army Personal Fitness Test, exactly the same way that we did it on 8/9.

  • 2 Minutes – As many reps as possible Push Ups
  • 2 Minutes – As many reps as possible Sit Ups
  • Timed 2 mile run

Load up coupons:

  • Shovel Flag
  • Boom Box + Various Cassette Tapes (Flag man carries)
  • 40lb Sandbag
  • Small log (1 man)
  • Big log (2 men)
  • Tractor Tire (3 men)
  • 8′ Piece of 2×4 lumber

Ruck towards McAlpine Park – Beastie Boys on the boom box.

When we got to the park, we realized that we were in the middle of a high school/college cross country event.  We were quite a distraction for the athletes and spectators as we passed through the park.  We turned a lot of heads.

We had started out carrying the tire using the 2×4 through the center, and resting the board on the shoulders of two men.  After the park, we changed the plan and switched to a three man tire team rotation – one inside the tire towards the back and two in front with the tire on one shoulder.  The man inside the center of the tire had it resting on his ruck, making this the rest point of the three man rotation.

We hit mile marker 4 on the greenway, and then turned around to go back.  The PAX didn’t realize that this ruck today was not a loop, so the thought of backtracking four miles was a mind game for some.

Boom box cassette reload – Metallica.

Around mile 5, we came across a group of volunteers cleaning up the greenway.  They had a ton of trash bags and other bulky items that they had collected, great work by those guys!  We saw a couple school age guys carrying a basketball goal to the trash, and we knew that it was a match made in heaven.

Add one basketball goal to coupon load at mile 5.

As we passed back through the park and the cross country event, we were feeling the pain.  The last stretch from the park to the parking lot was definitely the toughest part.

Arrived back at the parking lot 11:40.

Total distance:  10 miles = 2 miles running, 8 miles rucking.

2ndF at Buffalo Wild Wings immediately following.


  • Today was awesome.  This was a great time with good friends, and a great workout.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Saturday morning.
  • If you want to know your APFT score – plug your stats in to http://apftscore.com/
  • The boom box is a new SPEARHEAD staple.  We are starting our own cassette collection, and the boom box will be on the sidelines at every possible SPEARHEAD workout.  That music kept us going strong!
  • We had some SPEARHEAD FNGs out today, somebody must have put a serious EH on those guys for them to pick this as their first workout.  Strong work!
  • Those poor kids with the basketball goal didn’t know what to think when we asked them for it.  It was a spur of the moment decision that I don’t regret, although some of the other PAX didn’t quite see it that way.  There was some groaning, but we got it home!
  • SoCal donated a tire for us to use today, and it was brutal.  That thing was perfect for this, and I hope to use it again soon.
  • We had a shadow for this event, which was AWESOME!  I didn’t think to ask anyone to shadow, but I’m so glad that we had someone come to do it.  We will post a photo album on www.SPEARHEADf3.com soon.
  • 2ndF at Buffalo Wild Wings was great.  Nothing better than a little ACRT, 2ndF, and College Football to end a tough workout.
  • Congratulations to Big League Chew, Schedule C, and Liquor Cycle for earning their SPEARHEAD patches today.  Strong work guys!
  • Thanks so much for coming out today, everyone.  Can’t wait for the next one.


  • The SPEARHEAD Patch Challenge is over!  Nine men earned patches during this challenge.  Stay tuned for the next opportunity to earn your patch.
  • SPEARHEAD T-Shirts are available at the F3 Gear Site
  • PT Reflector belts for those that signed up should be available late next week (by 9/27/13). $11.50 to Culkin gets you a cool lime green elastic reflector belt!

Check out www.SPEARHEADF3.com for more information and to join our Google Group mailing list.

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The Hoff
10 years ago

That tire was unreal…hopefully making another appearance soon at Spearhead (and of course, the rear end of the big log too)! T-claps all around as I believe I heard Schedule C comment at the end “We would have never made it without everyone here.” Totally second that as physically this was a complete beat down and not a single person was without a coupon when we finished the Ruck. Many mentioned it was somewhere between a GRL and GRC and my body thanks you.

Strangely, I am haunted by the image of Liquor Cycle using the basketball goal as a giant unit thrusting it as he Rucked, lol.
Special shot out to M-Short Round who killed it out there as our in practice combat photographer. Can’t wait to se the pics!

Big League Chew
10 years ago

This was definitely harder than a light. My first trip under the tire had me asking myself , “What was I thinking signing up for this?” That’s when you just embrace the suck, try to enjoy yourself, and remember it will be over in a few hours. Crashing the track and field event was fun. Loved the strange looks we got. Spent the rest of the afternoon feeling pretty miserable only to have my daughter request that I cut some firewood for her party tonight. That pine stump got what was left of me. Thanks guys for organizing this beat down. Thanks BTB for the patch! This was a great way to earn it. Next time we all got to sing along with the Beasty Boys as we “Fight for our right to parrrttyyy!”

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

Sorry to miss you guys today – but nursing a sprained wrist and sore shoulder it was probably for the best – the coupon load looked quite “full” (=Spearhead typical!). The Sanford-and-Son trick with the bball hoop is a classic. Fantastic group!

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Yeah Iron Horse you would be adding a sore back to that list. BTB and Hoff thanks for the round of ACRT also. Schedule C is a beast not only with the log but he ale doing a show tonight. So I guess he spent the afternoon hauling his stack of Marshals around town.

10 years ago

Aye, couple of observatioins:

1. You have #DoubleDigitMidget PAX posting. #Momentum

2. You got @SoCal (F3’s most committed #Iverson) to post. Amazing. He’s strictly a game player.

3. Embracing the #Rucktard moniker is genius. #YankeeDoodleDandee

The Hoff
10 years ago

Thank you Dredd! These are some of the most committed and strongest people I’ve ever known. Proud to be a part of SPEARHEAD.

The Hoff
10 years ago

The other FNG was Clinton, who owned that log most of the day. Nice work!

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