Anvil – Takes a Partner for Iron to Sharpen Iron

Anvil – Takes a Partner for Iron to Sharpen Iron

12 Men posted by the virtual shovel flag, in the dark, not realizing that rain was pending, and put in a strong workout.  Some strong efforts out there this morning, I’d say about 12 of them.

at 0530 hrs the pax went to do something like this:

SSH x 40

Merkins x 20

IW x 20

CDD x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Butt Kickers x 20

High Knees x 20

Low, Slow, Squats x 15

Mosey to pavilion to partner up for:

Partner 1 5 BTW Push ups, Partner 2 20 dips then flap jack

Together Low Slow Squats x 15 (all reps add up to 40)


Jog to baseball field area, pick up large rock

Partner sit ups with rock exchange x 20

Partner paddy cake merkins x 10



Flutter x 20

Dolly x 20

Mason Twist x 10

Elbow plank x 30 sec x 2

Prairie Fire Mary x 10 with partner

Jog to cars for Q timing failure, Q announces that we’re done, only to realize that this isn’t Fast Twitch and Anvil ends at 0615, good news, 15 more minutes

Indian Run to entrance to Rea Road

Partner 1 run down hill to Rea Road, bear crawl back

Partner 2 LBC’s


Partner 1 sprint to bottom and back

Partner 2 CDD’s


Partner 1 run to light post (about half way down), crab walk back

Partner 2 Merkins


Indian Run circuitous route to median near cars, 10 burpees on your own

Sprint to cars to circle up for COT


Q failure on the timing, was able to get in a bit more pain this morning.  A lot of the reps are somehow adding up to 40, either directly or via cadence x 2, not sure why this was but just seemed to end up that way.  Very strong effort by the pax today, I can see how Lobster Roll got his name, seriously fast on the crab walk and bear crawls (DK better watch out for some real competition here).  Salt Lick had to put up with YHC as a partner, garnering leads on almost all movements to have them not only lost but to have YHC finish last, that’s why we do these things, they’re tough which makes us strong, very good partner efforts today with strong encouragement amongst teams.  Partner sit up rock pass seemed to be a crowd pleaser.  Spackler, despite at the end declaring he would be last at #F3Nomad on Sunday was a blaze of speed on the Indian Runs, well done, even gutting out the bear crawl despite a tweaked back, don’t make it worse brother, want to see you in the gloom.  Abacus was pretty strong all around, hadn’t seen you in a while (problem of Area 51 getting so large!), always good to connect.  When YHC Q’s and Stone Cold posts, the goal is to make the workout hard enough so that he breaks a sweat, unfortunately today it was full on raining by the end so will just have to imagine that at least one bead of the water was sweat, always great to post with you brother.

Oh yeah, the reference to 40 above, YHC turned 40 this morning, great to Q on your birthday.

Great send off by Stone Cold, always good to be reminded of our larger responsibilities and how what we do represents our faith in all situations.


Joust, new workout on Fridays, site Q of Stone Cold, great campus

Thunder Road: Sign up and let 49’er know, F3Nomad workout on Sundays for LSD training, so effective YHC got disoriented and lost on the last one, come on out

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10 years ago

Happy birthday Brew! Didn’t know 40 could feel so good, eh?!! Aye!

Stone Cold
10 years ago

Good ol Brew, waiting until the BB to tell us that today is his bday and a big one at that, 4-0! We’ll have to remember that for your next post. Happy Birthday, buddy, welcome to the 40 club. And great Q today. Not only was I sweating but almost had a real skull crusher on those rock-crunches. #slipperygloves

10 years ago

Brew’s no dummy: The last guy to turn 40 at the #PinkPalace got cross checked into the swamp water. Welcome to Old, Brew.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
10 years ago

That last guy was me at the soft launch for The Rock. Runstopper, Ninja Turtle and Pretty Boy QB bum-rushed me. Still pickin’ goose $#!%! out of the nether regions.
40 burpees for Brew at his next post – aye!

10 years ago

Had that boulder dropped on your forehead, CPR would have been necessary and I am not adequately trained to perform that life saving procedure as of yet. So really 2 reasons to be thankful today – 1. You didn’t drop it on your head 2. You avoided dude to dude mouth to mouth.

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