Joust- not just a video game

Joust- not just a video game

Brand new Shovel Flag was planted for the inauguration of Joust at Charlotte Christian School.  18 pax got out of the fartsack to see what this new site had to offer and well, YHC thinks it has much to offer including Grandmother mountain (legend in the making here).

Slow jog to upper grass area -great view of the football field

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Squat x 20

Merkins x 15

Mt climber x 20

Partner up (similar speed)

Pt 1 lap, Pt2 stairs flapjack x 4 (challenge: get faster each time around)

Jack Webb

Race partner:  Bear crawl to 25, sprint to 50, bear crawl to 25, sprint to end zone

Grandmother Mountain:

Jacobs ladder- 7 merkins at top, 1 jump squat at bottom;

Race partner:  Bear crawl to 25, sprint to 50, bear crawl to 25, sprint to end zone


LBCs x 20

Flutter kick x 20

Fast Bicycle x 10, Slow bicycle x 5 rinse, repeat 4x

Dolly x 20

Circle Merkin


Great launch fellas, thanks for coming out and supporting the new location.  Special THANK YOU to the Charlotte Christian School administration for allowing us to use their facilities.  Also thank you to Skywalker for all his involvement in getting it setup.

Great to have Crotch Rocket join us in the South Land as well as Spider.

Why Grandmother Mt you ask?  TR, in all his wit, dubbed the name, perhaps coming off the BRR.  YHC agreed as a tribute to the Grandfather Mt leg of the BRR.  She has the incline of a mountain goat leg but not as long.  She will suck the O2 right out of you and make your stems burn.  Count on her as a regular for Joust.

Circle Merkins (Circle Merk):  Tried something new here, pax seem to pick it up farily quick, could be a keeper.

Shortened Jack Webb to get everything on the weinke covered and yep, was called out.  You know who you are….will store that for another day.  #retaliation

Wolfpack lost to Clemson 26-14, there I said it.

Skywalker (resident Jedi) with the send off prayer, only he could work “fartsack” in a prayer like that. Hey, God understands!


Charlotte Young Life Mud Run- Sept 28th at NCWWC, check it out at

F3Compass- Res4Men Chpt. 8  Teach your kids and generations to follow to Fear the Lord, Honor Authority, Discipline, and Responsibility.

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10 years ago

Awesome well planned workout brother. My legs are smoked. Love the site!!!

10 years ago

Great workout this morning and Second the T Claps to Clown Car. #G-Ma Mountain.

Strange Brew
10 years ago

Bummed I missed it, can’t wait to get on the mountain, great new site. T Claps to all the hard work Skywalker put into this, I know it wasn’t easy but it will be worth it…kind of like a workout in a way!

10 years ago

Got to give Bob the Builder props as he got the door opened and TR was there to assist as well. Also I want to thank Stone Cold for willing to take one for the team by turning over Skunk to Harley so that we could have him as Site Q of Joust. Thanks SC
Love Grandmother Mtn, Stone Cold. That’s a perfect name in honor of your favorite BRR leg. #IDon’tWannaTalkAboutIt
Great to see the numbers we had for the launch. This is going to be an awesome workout.

BTB (Bob The Builder)
Reply to  Skywalker
10 years ago

I am glad I was able to help accomplish this goal, and I hope that the workout at CCS is very successful. Sounds like it should be a pretty fun site!

I’ll try to make it out eventually to visit.

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great workout today Stone Cold! I’ve been waiting for this site ever since we first started talking about it months ago. That’s got to be one of the nicest tracks I’ve ever seen, even with my bum knee I felt like I was running on a cloud! Grandmother Mountain = O2 Deprivation

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