Area51 Labor Day Convergence

Area51 Labor Day Convergence

82 men including 7 FNG’s and one of Metro’s finest took to the fields and parking lots of South Charlotte Middle School to put in some manual labor in the fields and swing some iron on the asphalt.  The PAX proved they are no strangers to hard work and at the Lord’s Prayer during the Ball-of-Man, all had a satisfied look of a hard day’s work (and it was only 8:05 am).  Here’s how it went down.

The Thang:

7:00 am – Time for COP – Zip-a-Dee lead:

– Count off by 3’s

– Side Straddle Hop x 30

– Merkins x 25 – hold it

– Peter Parker x 25 – hold it

– Parker Peter x 25

– Group 1 with Zip, Group 2 with Honey Bee, Group 3 with Far Side (Switch Q each 15 min)


Workers in the Field (Zip-a-Dee):

Zip Group 1 – Mosey from the Pavilion (parking lot / bathrooms) down the maintenance trail circling the 1st baseball field (1/4 – 1/3 of a mile) to the bottom where all 3 ball fields converge.

– Partner up, size does not matter but recommend thoroughbred’s synch up with Clydesdales.

3 pain stations

– Rail work – supine pull-ups AMRAP style (As Many Reps As Possible)

– Bleacher work – Dips AMRAP

– Bleacher work – Derkins  AMRAP

– Partner “A” performs said exercise while Partner “B” runs up the walk to the Pavilion, up 4 flights of steps (10ish) and back #reverseP to relieve Partner “A”.

– Rinse and Repeat until all 3 said exercises are completed

– Plank when complete

– Indian Bear Crawl up the walk, up the handicap ramp and home to the Lot/Pavilion.

– Peoples Chair 1 minute

– Peoples Chair 1 minute+ 30 air presses

Zip Group 2 – This group was eager and HUNGRY and demanded to be lead over the river and through the woods to the playground at DaviePark.  And so we went.

– Mosey through the woods to the playground

– Partner up, size does not matter but recommend thoroughbred’s synch up with Clydesdales.

3 pain station

– Pull-ups AMRAP style (As Many Reps As Possible)

– Dips AMRAP

– Derkins  AMRAP

– Partner “A” performs said exercise while Partner “B” runs around the parking lot and back to relieve Partner “A”.

– Rinse and Repeat until all 3 said exercises are completed

– Plank when complete

– Backtrack through the woods home and back to the mother ship.

– Peoples Chair 1 minute

– Peoples Chair 1 minute+ 30 air presses.

Zip Group 3 – Same as Group 1 because Q-Z didn’t want to hear from corporate (Tiger Rag) about disclaimers & waivers etc….  Turned out to be a good call because Miss Kitty was quite mouthy as it was only to be silenced with a helping of burpees.


Speedy Delivery (Far Side):

– Mosey to football field for 1/4 mile run with mix of kareoke, backwards running and sprints.

– Line up in the end zone for 100yd run with three stations to stop at and do 5 merkins at each station, sprint all the way back.

– Rinse repeat with 5 berpies on the next circuit.

– 4 corners for pusho rama, circle up in the corner of the end zone, do merkins in cadence run to next corner:

– diamond x 8

– wide arm merkin x 8

– stagger arm, right hand high x 8

– flap jack x 8

– line up along sideline for standing broad jump burpies for 25 yds, run to the opposite side of the field and sprint back.


Swinging Iron (Honey Bee):

Grab a Kettle Bell of desired size and mosey around school to the site of the Musical KBata (30 sec exercise / 15 sec rest)

– Station 1: 2 hand swings

– Station 2: Clean and Press (switch hands each time)

– Station 3: 1 hand swings (switch hands each time)

– Station 4: Goblet Squats

– Station 5: Figure 8

Rest 1 min then Rinse & Repeat

Return to parking lot with your KB and partner up for farmer’s carry / catch me if you can (as always, KB size matters)

Partner 1: Farmers Carry

Partner 2: 5 Merkins and catch partner

Flapjack until team runs around whole parking lot

Return KB to the pile and do Sumo Isometric hold with shoulder press until all groups assembled


Once all PAX rotated through each of the 3 Q’s, Zip-a-Dee led in 6 Minutes of Mary

– Flutter x 30 (head fake for dolly caught many PAX off guard)

– Hold it 6 inches

– Dolly x 30

– Hold it 6 inches (with a SLOW 10 count by Abacus)


The Naked Moleskin:

– All 7 of the FNG’s (Glitch, Baja, Pi, Kenny G, Tweezer, Tommy Boy, Slicker) tore it up out there.  Nice job brothers!  Bratwurst gets the prize for most EH’s to one workout of all time with 4 of the 7 today. I hope to see the locals in the gloom again soon. For Pi and Kenny G who were in town from Savannah, start up a branch there brothers!

– Zip-a-dee: I should obviously take some heat from Mary and forgetting the difference between a flutter and a dolly and the PAX definitely was quick to point it out and didn’t let up.  I guess that’s what I get for doing so much chirping during the week.  All in all it was a fantastic turn out and the PAX performed like the beasts that they are.

– Agony joined us from Metro today.  Welcome to the South side brother.  Thanks for coming out.

– The Lord’s Prayer was a nice ending to take us out in the ball-of-man.  Thanks TR for the idea for the new convergence tradition.

– From all 3 Q’s: It is always an honor and a privilege to lead such a strong group of men.  Iron sharpens iron! Aye!


– There was an orphan Kettle Bell left at the end.  It had red tape around the handle in two places.  See TR’s tweet with picture from today to claim it.

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10 years ago

Great workout from start to (late) finish. HB’s KBs were a rare convergence treat, made even more memorable by sprinkling Player into the musical tabata. There was something in every little thing about that rotation. Any kind of fool could see that.

Loved the 82-strong Lord’s Prayer as well. New convergence tradition.

10 years ago

Great turnout men. Awesome sight to see 82 men converge and the pain was significant as divvied out by all 3 Q’s. T-claps to HB, Zip & FarSide. My 2.0 kept telling M. Hops and my other 2.0 that the workout was “brutal”…especially the football field work led by “Mr. FarSide”.
Proud to be a part of the convergence and the group of men that is F3 Area51. Aye!

10 years ago

Zip… that is what happens when you listen to too much Brittney and In-Sync… you get your flutters and dollys confused.

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