Respect The Whistle

Respect The Whistle

39 pax realized that they can fartsack when they are dead and so decided to posted at Kevlar this morning.

Warm up:

There wasn’t one.

The Thang:

-Get in groups of three. Man A runs to rock pile and was supposed to get a manly size rock. Men B and C run to church parking lot and perform partner slap merkins while waiting on man A to arrive with the stone.  Once all pax have arrived man B runs to top of hill and continuously completes 20 merkins then runs down hill and completes 20 LBC’s.  Man C goes to lower parking lot and continuously completes 20 CDD’s and 20 dollys.  Man A completes 10 over head lifts with rock then runs around parking lot with his rock to Man C and hands it off and A and C switch.  Man C completes 10 over head lifts with rock and then runs around parking lot with rock to man B and they switch.  Repeato for 30 minutes.

-Burpee run (.75 miles) around church grounds with rocks.  Pax complete 5 burpees each time YHC blows whistle and each man takes turns carrying the rock for his group.  YHC called and audible here(thanks to Tiger Rag…see moleskin) and decided to take the rocks with us for the burpee run.  YHC lost count of how many times the whistle was blown but it’s fair to say a decent amount of burpees and rock running was completed by all.


-YHC has the day off work today and planned on fartsacking but couldn’t pass up the chance to lead Kevlar.   YHC is not a morning guy and only for F3 would I roll out of bed before 0500 on my day off.  #thepowerofF3

-The pax were supposed to get rocks that were the size of your head and YHC noticed a couple of rocks were more on the size of a grapefruit, but not my group’s…Chewie lived up to his name and picked one the size of Chewbacca’s head!…Thanks buddy! Zipadee and 49er.

-Once the burpee run was announced Tiger Rag immediately sprinted off toward the parking lot with his group’s rock…not so fast bro! Whistle was blown immediately and an audible was called.  Rocks would not be returned to the pile as planned and instead would now join the pax for the burpee run.  (thanks again TR for the idea…the rock burpee run has been added to YHC’s bag of tricks). Additional burpees were given to the overachieving pax who continued to run ahead of YHC. (TR, Deepdish, Fletch, Radar and seveal others that were not recognizable in the dark).

-Thanks Bulldog for the chance to lead and I hope all have a safe holiday.



-YHC is the Area 51 Q for Thunder Road so expect the hard sale to commence after the Labor Day holiday.  It will be an F3 Nation team competition and so far Area 51 has the fewest number of hard commits.  Step up F3llas!  If you post 2 or 3 times a week you can run/walk a half marathon.

-New South Charlotte Friday workout coming soon.  Stay tuned.

-CPR class Sept 14th 0900-1230 at Covenant Day School.  See website. Stone Cold Q

-New 3rd F called After Math starting next Friday at Starbucks at Piper Glenn Trader Joes.  Bush is Q


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Hair Band
10 years ago

Just so there is no mistaking by Bulldog or anyone, there is no “Headband”, “Hair Band” was there.

No fartsacking this time, 2 Alarms just in case this week.

10 years ago

Love the whistle – glad to see it is making its appearance at other places outside of Hydra.

10 years ago

Having done burpee chasers without rocks, I can say we got the better end of the deal this morning. Trying to run down an unencumbered man after doing 5 burpees is not a pleasant experience.

I like what you did there with turning up the pain on the forward groups, I just didn’t like that it was directed at us (Bubbles and Uncle Leo). And you know what to do with that blasted whistle.

10 years ago

Aftermath – new 3rd F workout – starts WEDNESDAY, Sept. 4th at Starbucks-Piper Glen at 0630 following Anvil, The Maul, and DV. Thanks to Busch and Skywalker for co-Q’ing this.
Hope to see a good turnout as Wednesday is our biggest turnout morning other than Saturday – Aye!

10 years ago

Great lead there 49er. Thanks for pushing the Kevlar lads hard. Hats off the Busch’s group for the rock of Gibraltar that was plucked from the creek! Night Court and Chirp were studs in my group too. Have a great weekend

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