Area 51 Speed Showdown

Area 51 Speed Showdown

The time has come for us to finally put to rest who really brings the most speed to the table in Area 51: Fast Twitch or Bagpipe (others can participate as well, see below for details).   Our Speed Showdown is set for Tuesday, August 27, at JM Robinson Middle SchoolUPDATED: Additional event by popular demand: 4×100 relay.


Date: Tuesday, August 27, rain or shine

Time: 0515 – 0600

Location: JM Robinson Middle School Track

Address: 5925 Ballantyne Commons Parkway

Note: The track is west of the school and the athletic fields.  There is a small parking lot in front of the athletic fields where you should park.   If the lot is full when you arrive, you can park at the school and there is a path from the school to the fields, but please note it is about a 5 minute walk (potentially 7 minutes for SOBs – “Sons of Ballantyne”).


1)      0515: Warm-up lap and stretching (Joker)

2)      0525: Mile Race Heat #1:  Thoroughbreds (For all participants who typically run a mile in <7:30)   (Turkey Leg coordinating)

3)      0535: Mile Race Heat #2:  Mustangs  (For all participants who typically run a mile in >7:30, Haggis coordinating)

4)      0545: 4×400 Relay: Fastest 4 Fast Twitchers vs. Fastest 4 SOBs (Haze coordinating)

5)      0555: NEW: 4×100 Relay: Fast Twitch vs. SOBs – must be different runners than 4×400

6)      0600+: Cool-down, Awards Presentation and COT


Awards, Rules, and Important Notes:

  • Four Awards are up for grabs:
    1. Fastest Workout – Mile.   Will be determined by averaging the times of all the Bagpipe racers and all of the Fast Twitch racers across both heats combined.
    2. Fastest Workout – 4×400 Relay.  Will be determined by who crosses the finish line first.
    3. Fastest Workout – 4×100 Relay.  Will be determined by who crosses the finish line first
    4. Fastest Man Overall.  Will be determined by the fastest overall speed in the mile.
  • On the Mile heats, the race coordinator (or designee) will be calling out official times at the finish.  Please remember your time and provide it afterword on the paper or device to be provided on site – honor system is in force here.
  • While this is a competition, it is also meant to be fun.   There will be some speed demons out there, but this is a great opportunity for everyone to show how they’ve improved and set new personal records.
  • Only those who have previously participated in either Fast Twitch or Bagpipe are eligible to participate as part of those teams (e.g. no ringers).  Those who have not participated in those workouts can still run, but will be grouped into an “Other” team.
  • This is a speed showdown, not a standard F3 bootcamp workout, so do not expect to get a full 45 minutes of working out on Tuesday morning.
  • Regular Bagpipe and Fast Twitch workouts will be closed on Tuesday 8/27 for this event

What to bring:

  • Headlamp strongly recommended
  • Smokeboots
  • Water
  • Speed: everything you’ve got

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to:

Turkey Leg,, 214.529.4284  or


Looking forward to seeing you out there on Tuesday!

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10 years ago

Since the mighty mite provided some locker posting material in reference to us fast “twits”, I say the Girls of Ballantyne best come ready with wheels, jet packs, and smoke boots.

Honey Bee
Honey Bee
10 years ago

A wise man once said, don’t just sing it, bring it. The smoke boots will be boughten tomorrow.

10 years ago

ZIPs $$$$ is on the Twits. Aye brothers — SMOKE the SOBs and send them to F4/FIA!!!!

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Wait a sec, I thought we agreed to a 4 X 100 relay. The 4 X 400 doesn’t let the SOBs show off their sprinting ability!

10 years ago

And here comes the excuses from the SOBs (SISTAs of Ballentyne) before the competition even begins. Better not trip over your apron’s or your feather duster’s girls. MEOW….

Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Can we also have a sprint between just myself and Zipp? That would make for some comic relief towards the end…

10 years ago

Bring it Minnie Mouse!!!! I’ll even wear the Disney ears to create drag in order to keep it competitive and comical.

10 years ago

I love the “warm up LAP”… Don’t stress yourself.

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