Mama’s Four Layer Cake

Mama’s Four Layer Cake

18 strong posted in the rain for a Layer Cake workout hijacked from Bastian.
The Thang:

Run to Carmel Lot for COP
20x SSH
20x Imperial Walker
20x Carolina Dry Dock
20x Mountain Climber

Steps and Ramps Lap

The Layer Cake
Layer One: 10x Diamonds / Sprint
10x LBC / Sprint
10x Merkins / Sprint
10x Squat / Lap
Layer Two: Repeat 15x – Substitute Wide Arm for Diamond
Layer Three: Repeat 20x – Substitute Stagger Right and Left
Layer Four: Repeat 15x – Substitute Carolina Dry Dock

15x Low Slow Flutter
15x Dolly
15x Russian Twist
15x Freddy Mercury

Run to back wall for People’s Chair
20 Squats

Lunge Walk, Bear Crawl, Run back to COT

Great work and good to see everyone in the rainy Monday gloom. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
Dick Clark – way to hang in there brother. It wasn’t until the COT that we found out you pulled a groin Saturday.
Two new 3nd F opportunities after Labor Day. Check site for details.
F3 Thunderbird was a success. All activities a go, even in the rain.

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10 years ago

Nice beatdown this AM Field of Dreams – my legs will be feeling it most of the day – Peoples Chair & squats = unsavory.
Can’t think of a better way to start the week. Aye!

10 years ago

Good stuff Field of Dreams. Thanks for the cake for breakfast.
And I must give a shout out to Jamboree – the man has got to be MIP (Most Improved Pax) for 2013. Strong brother – out front!

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