Demonstration of 10,000 fails concept

Demonstration of 10,000 fails concept

The shovel flag was planted and 20 men (all accounted for) headed the call of the alarm clock even after a Panthers Thursday night game for their weekly does of Centurion.

The Thang:
Jog up 51 and cross street to shopping center parking lot for COP

Push-o-rama Merkins X10, Diamonds X10, Wide Arms X10, Carolina Dry Docks X10, Stagger right X5, Stagger right X5 (Pax once again questioned if this qualifies as warm up)
Slow squats X3 (boring)
Imperial walkers X20

Run back to CCHS for shoulder and leg work

Balls to the wall merkins X10
Peoples Chair
One legged squats X10 right, X10 left
Wall mountain climbers X10
Balls to the wall merkins X9 (Q gave out and couldn’t get back to 10)

Mosey to parking lot for Burpee/Squat Suicide ladder

Run half way to first light pole for 1 burpee – back to start for 10 squats
Continue ladder up to 8 burpees and 3 squats – stopped here given the parking lot is more than 100 yards long and pain was fully engaged

COP for Dirty McDeuce
Mary – X12 (LBC, Dolly/Flutter, Rosalita, High flutter/dolly)
Run down to street and bear crawl up hill back to start
Shoulder and core work X12 (Merkins, Mnt Climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters)
Run down to street and bear crawl up hill back to start
X12 (SSH, Squats, Imperial Walkers, Jumping lunges)\
Run down to street and bear crawl up hill back to start
Plank – John Travolta X12 (right and left) two other exercises to 12 I forgot

Run to benches for Dips X15, and step ups (10 each leg)


Naked Moleskin
Q was a little off this am as beer and Panther game the night before had an effect. 10,000 fails concept was perfectly demonstrated several times during the workout (mainly trouble remembering dolly versus flutter). Pax enjoyed the fails at my expense but that will just add fuel to the fire for next time.

The suicide ladder will be back – just need to figure out a better pattern so we don’t have to cut it short.

Looking for some new guys to step up and Q. If everyone is getting comfortable than Escargot, Runstopper, and YHC will step up the intensity as incentive for someone else to step in.
Purple Haze will lead some 2nd F at Panera Bread right after Centurion starting in Septmeber. Put it on your calendar.

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Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I’ve always wondered why it’s called Dirty McDeuce instead of Dirty McDozen. You do 12 reps of each exercise afterall.

Reply to  Mighty Mite
10 years ago

It’s named after #Campos faithful @McDeuce, who bears an unsettling resemblance to the T2 borg actor Robert Patrick.

10 years ago

Burpee/squat suicides were rough….so was dodging traffic on 51

10 years ago

One more fail to add to the list. Purple Haze will be leading a 3rd F at Panera Bread.

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