Yo-Yo Ma Debut- Sounds of Pain!

Yo-Yo Ma Debut- Sounds of Pain!

28 PAX showed up in the gloom on an extra sticky Tuesday morning for YHC’s first Q — and an overall beat down.

GO! — 10 Burpess OYO

– mosey to lower parking lot w/ alternating KB shoulder presses.

COP: In Cadence

SSH X 25

Slow Squat X 25

Mountain Climbers X 20


The Thang – w/ KB


1st Round

Merkins X 20

2 Hand Swing X 20

Goblet Squat X 20

10 Burpees

– Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint/run to stop sign and back (175 yards)

2nd Round

Diamond Merkins X 20

Hammer Curl  20

Good Mornings X 20

10 Burpees

– Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint/run to stop sign and back (175 yards)

3rd Round — Audibles (multiple) called — YHC was fading fast!

Shoulder Press X 20  — audible to as many as you can do  Russian Twist X 20 (10 each side)  Upright Row X 20 — audible to 15

5 Burpees   — yes…audible from 10 — time constaints / lots of mumble chatter / YHC gassed

– Rinse and Repeat 3X…then sprint/run to stop sign and back (175 yards)

Rack kettlebell — quick mosey back to upper parking lot for MARY

– PAX Bananas recruited to finish up work out w/ 3 Minutes of Mary

– LBCs X 30

– Rosalitas X 30


I appreciate this opportunity to Q my first full workout – I beat myself down today…hopefully all enjoyed enough of a downPAINment today also!   Great effort!  Fletch and Bulldog always strong — with ALF becoming a new beast out there!


Ascent Base Camp — want to Q? — new/ 1st time Q?

Rebel Yell – new work out in the works:  Site Q’s: Crab Cake & Spackler. Site: Polo Ridge Elementary

2 new F3 after labor day

– New 3rd F workout starting Wed Sept 4 at Piper Glen Starbucks (0630) / Busch & Skywalker on Q

– New 3rd F workout starting Fri Sept 6th at Panera Carmel Village (0630) Qs are Purple Haze and Champagne.

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10 years ago

Great Q Yo Yo. That was rough. Don’t retire after your first Q as Brown apparently has.
See you gents at HDHH. Posting in Raleigh Wed a.m.

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Hops, don’t hate because you couldn’t handle the BROWNpainment the week before!

Reply to  Brown
10 years ago

I was too afraid. Didn’t post last Tuesday. Bananas claimed you’d gone into retirement

The Hoff
10 years ago

Yo Yo…hate that I missed this DownPAINment you handed out! Looked brutal!! I had it on schedule to return to F3 today but still having back issues. Should be able to return to the gloom soon though. Miss the heck out of all you guys.

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