Run stopper didn’t stop

  • When:8/9/13
  • QIC: Run Stopper and Bunny Rabbit
  • The PAX: Run Stopper, Bunny Rabbit, Blarney, F3 ninja turtle (Run stopper's 2.0), James (fng) Ian (fng) (Run stopper's brother in law), Kevin (fng)

Run stopper didn’t stop

Seven guys mixed it up with two Qs on a humid DC morning.  With several of the Rough Riders out on vacation, Run Stopper round up some FNGs for a solid workout.  FNGs hung strong for the first workout and it wasn’t an easy one. Looking forward to their return as well as the other guys out on vacation.  Bunny Rabbit and Run Stopper were co-Qs  and the work out included:

.75 mile run

Side straddle hops in cadence to 25

Merkins in cadence to 20

LBCs to 25 in cadence

Dry docks in cadence to 20

Run over memorial bridge with several stops along the way mixing in dips, decline merkins, plank and step ups

Jacobs latter to 6 with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 burpees

Indian run across memorial bridge with modified side walk planks to 20 in cadence

Continue indian run

50 yards of lunges

Bear crawl for 50 yards

Plank or rama

Circle of hate Jack Webb – DC style:

> 1 Mirken x 4 arm raises
> 2 Mirkens x 8 arm raises
> 3 Mirkens x 12 arm raises, get it…
> Continue the pain until we reach
> 10 Mirkens x 40 arm raises

> Jog to entrance/ parking lot
> 3 mins of Mary
> • protractor
> •rosalita
> •flutter kicks
> #smokedinDC

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10 years ago

Shocked to see @RunStopper #DR and #JackWebbs on the #Weinke. Just shocked.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Dredd
10 years ago

Aye, great morning in the capital! Glad bunny Rabbit was willing to share the pain! Here all week with fam so planning on planking all over DuPont circle with my 2.0!

High Tide
10 years ago

Welcome to F3, DC! Sounds like a pretty typical Runstopper workout – burpees and Jack Webb. #sharethelove #miserylovescompany Good job, Runstopper!

Now, if we could only EH some congressmen and senators…

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  High Tide
10 years ago

High tide, no congressmen yet but looking to EH the security guard who told my 2.0 and i not to plank at the Lincoln monument! Lol

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