There will be lots of cuts today.

  • When:07/31/2013
  • QIC: Mic Check, Mighty Mite
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, The WItness, Mighty Mite, Rolling Rock, Runstopper, Wingman, Senator Tressel, Loogie, Soft Pretzel, Fish Taco, Chipotle, The Worm, Crabcake, Long Distance, Frehley's Comet, Frasier, Freck, Yaeger, Market Timer, Dirty Bird, Hops, Mic Check

There will be lots of cuts today.

themaul training camp car

22 of F3’s finest gathered at The Maul to see if they had what it takes to make the Area 51 Fightin’ Aliens football team.

The Thang:

Mosey to the grass on Elm Lane, 4 lines like a team and follow your coaches lead through exercises.


Mak Tar Jai X 20?

Up downs on Coach Mic Check’s whistle X 20

 High knees 20 yds Buttkicks 20 yds

Shuffle Left Then Shuffle Right


3 point stance then fire off and sprint X2

 Mosey back down to the lot for MM Q

Break up into 4 groups for


Station 1: Bear Crawl up and down the hill

Station 2:  Partner push YHC’s car for 50 yards

Station 3:  Fire out of 3 pt stance and squat walk for 20 yards

Staion 4:  Fire out of 3 pt stance into one of the tackling dummies and push it for 10 yards


 3 cone spring- Catch a pass at the end

4 cone corners –  Shuffle, Back pedal  Shuffle and sprint-Catch a pass at the end

Long coe spring and carioca -Catch a pass at the end

Pax rotated through each stations doing different versions of Mary,(FLUTTER, MASON TWISTS, FREDDY MERCURY) while waiting for their turn to burn around the cones


 Line 1 = QB

Line 2 = WR

Line 3 = DB


If it’s a bad pass, guys in QB line do said exercise

Bad defense, DB line does said exercise

Bad hands, WR line does exercise

Coach called out exercises starting at 5 increasing to 12. 

Merkins-Diamonds-Burpees-Jump Squats-Star Jacks-Squats-etc

Team Huddle



Great work by all of the Pax today.  Coach Mic Check and YHC were really excited to put this one on and we greatly appreciated everyone’s patience while we explained new exercises.

The inflextion in Coach Mic Check’s voice made it very difficult to tell when the Mac Tar Jai cadence was finished.  Some pax stopped early, even more lost count, all of them were confused.

YHC wasn’t sure how well the the car push was going to work.  Given the fact that this blast isn’t being posted from a body shop, we’ll chalk it up as a success.

The QB/WR/DB competition was a lot of fun.  It’s pretty apparent that a lot of the pax used to spend some time on the gridiron back in the day.  It was also apparent, that “back in the day” was a looooonng time ago for some of them.  #leatherhelmets


The 707 class of GORUCK will be departing on their journey at 10 PM on Friday.  Location TBA.

Chipotle(FTQ) and Mic Check will be Qing next week.  It’s going to hurt.

There are a ton of pax that frequent The Maul and are ready to step up to Q a half or a whole workout.  Reach out to Mic Check or YHC and we will get you on the calendar.

New 3rd F workout starting at the Panera on Carmel and Hwy 51 after Centurion.

Sound off in the comments if YHC missed any announcements.

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Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

I echo MM and say thank you to the Pax for coming out and really getting into the spirit of the workout. The competitive juices were flowing and guys were rooting each other on especially during the passing drill. When a great pass or catch was made you heard cheers, conversely you heard moans when someone threw a duck or a guy had stone hands. Look for future football workouts at The Maul in the fall and perhaps a Superbowl edition.

A couple of highlights:
The Worm had the play of the day with an unexpected double move that resulted in an easy 30 yard TD pass and brought a big roar from the Pax.

Loogie didn’t let the pavement stop him from diving headfirst to bat down a pass.

Crabcake apparently doesn’t like to catch the ball on the first try; he juggled it
around for 15 yards, and then hauled it in.

Add a comment with any other star players you may have seen. If you don’t have a website log in, shoot me an email.

High Tide
10 years ago

Sounds like a lot of fun with this downPAINment! Sorry I missed it! I’ll watch for a future one….

10 years ago

Mic Check’s hard count had some of us jumping offside/false starting…#preseasonmistakes
Methinks next time we should turn the car off during the push so not to poison the pax #noxiousfumes
Great workout gents, t-claps to Mic Check and Mighty Mite
Frehley’s Comet definitely had the look of a former gridiron player
And The Witness left me three steps back during passing drills #triangularwheelDB

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
10 years ago

This was a great workout was a lot of fun! T-Claps for the creativity of Mic Check and Mighty Mite, looking forward to the next edition. Just wondering if Fish Taco is still picking pebbles and ashpalt out of his arms as he took a spill while playing DB? Good luck and have fun at the 707 Goruck Class this Friday Fish Taco!

10 years ago

Good stuff. A little sketchy doing freddie mercury so close to the stench from the movie theater trash cans. Little scared to lay on the ground there. Next time we can sub my car in to the mix. #GVW

Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

The Worm has not revealed this info to many of the pax, but he is a former college football and rugby player. Still has the skills.

Also, we are fortunate no one called police to report a bunch of guys pushing a car out of the parking lot at 5:45am.

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Great job today, guys! That was a fun and creative way to work the body

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