Twitter can be dangerous for your shoulders

Twitter can be dangerous for your shoulders

The virtual shovel flag was posted and 23 men showed up and were all accounted for. Each man grabbed 2 bricks out of the Q’s truck and we started off.

The Thang

Run around football field to parking lot (we need a name here) for warm up:

Push Presses X25
Man Maker Merkins X15
Push Presses X25
Squats X25
Push Presses X25
Plank with right arm raises X12
Plank with left arm raises X12
Push Presses X25

Jog over to entrace to football field for four corners
Corner 1 – 20 Jumping lunges (10 each leg)
Corner 2 – 25 Push Presses
Corner 3 – 25 Squats
Corner 4 – 10 Man Maker Merkins

Rinse and repeat

Jog to parking lot for modified Jacobs Ladder
Run out entrance to Walsh Blvd, down toward Johnston and than up the steep hill back to parking lot for 10 Man Maker Merkins
Rinse and repeat two more times

Job to other end of parking lot:

Dips X20
Push Presses X25
Dips X20
Push Presses X25
Decline Man Maker Merkins X10
Push Presses X25

Job to center of parking lot for some modified Mary
Protractor (various angles with both legs and arms)
Mountain Climbers X20
Peter Parkers X20
Man Maker Merkins X10

Run around field and finish with 25 push presses before deposting bricks back into truck.

Nake moleskin
An un-named member of the PAX (ryhmes with Murple Maze) poked the Q via Twitter Thursday night regarding starting time and the workout plan went from moderate (in anticiaption of mud run training Saturday am) to ramped up (at least from the groans I heard I think it was). We did 250 push presses (thus FNG Push Press) with bricks in hands and 85 man maker merkins in cadence. That should help our shoulders and arms feel real good later. Sand bags from last week may have been worse but not by much.

Centurion has grown so that we have appropriate mix of ages in the crowd with My Sharona (60 – strong) a regular as well as The Worm (over 50). Snowflake decided to show up to give us 3 over 50. #oldmenstrong

Contact me at for any or all of the following:

1. Helping us out with tutoring at AG Middle School and Billingsville Elementary one or more days per month from 4:30 to 6:00 (don’t have to be there the whole time if shorter period works). Most kids live in single parent family and we can make a big difference.
2. Q at Centurion. We are especially looking for some guys that have never Q’d to give it a shot. The first time is toughb but it will make you stronger mentally and phsyically.
3. Books for Billingsville – I can arrange for someone to meet anyone that has some books we can donate.


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Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Push presses – I think I’ll be having nightmares about them. Thanks a lot Purple Haze! Centurion never disappoints and that’s why I make the trip from Fort Mill. Plus, it’s the only F3 workout where I feel young….. Chelms, sorry for breaking your brick. I’ll bring you a new one.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Chelms was especially angry about my innocent inquiry about the start time, which I really meant as a compliment about the exuberance of the Q to get things started. But apparently, it is a sensitive subject and I have learned my lesson, albeit the very hard way. From now on, I’m just showing up 10 minutes early so that I am ready whenever the start time happens to be.

Senator – According to Chelms’ Twitter reply, I am only responsible for that last set of man maker merkins. I think the unrelenting shoulder presses were already a part of his diabolical plan. But I do apologize for any undue pain I brought upon the Pax because of my poor Twitter judgment.

And to Chelms…I hope that you can forgive me and that we can consider the double sling I’m wearing now as adequate restitution for an ill-advised Twitter post.

10 years ago

Pretty sure I heard some of the young beasts – Udder & Abba say the workout was too easy…..

10 years ago

As the newest #oldmanstrong to post at Centurion, I was glad to give Runstopper my name for the Q list.
Might have to deliver one of my Prometheus workouts to give the HateHates something to mumble chatter about…..

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