What in the bloody hill is going on here?

What in the bloody hill is going on here?

The VSF was planted in the hard ground at Anvil, and 22 brave souls launched into the grinder that is….Anvil.

The Thang:

Jog a couple lots over for The Drill’s COP:

25x Side Straddle Hops

20x  Spartan Burpees

25x Imperial Walkers

20x 8-Count Merkins

15x Squats

100x Shoulder Circles ( 50 forward palms up – 50 backward palms down )

15x  Rosalitas

15x Mountain Climbers

30x Merkins ( 10 Diamond, 10 Regular, 10 Wide )

Hops Q:

Jog to the edge of the pitch (translation for all pax except Bulldog – that means soccer field) at bottom of hill for 11’s

Burpees/Elbow Plank Jacks – 10/1, 9/2, etc., etc.

2 lines of Indian Run to entrance 4 hill from Rea Road into parking lot

Lunge Walk up hill, 10 merkins at top of hill

Bear Crawl up hill, 10 diamonds at top

Backwards Run up hill, 10 widearms at top

Backwards Bear Crawl up hill, plank at top

Jog back to muster lot with Jail break run for last 150 yards or so

5ish MoM:

Freddy Mercury x 13 forward

Freddy Mercury x 13 in reverse

CCVs x 13 right, flapjack, CCVx x 13 left

LBCs x 25



The Drill’s first attempt at Q was a strong effort.  YHC thinks his military and police background makes him a natural for the cadence counts!  The arm circles were surprisingly painful….and I know the Rucksters especially appreciated the Spartan Burpees, 8-count merkins and MCs.

The Ruck crew again appeared out of the foggy gloom as they prep for the Aug. 2nd challenge – strong work men.  There is no ruck-friendly workout, is there?

What looked relatively innocuous on paper was apparently pretty brutal.  11’s with burpees and elbow plank jacks silenced the pax.  Like a rookie Q or FNG – I yelled out “Viva” during the 11’s and Strange Brew rightly called me out on that.  Is it ok to encourage the pax?  Or let them suffer in silence?  Perhaps a little of both – aye!

The hill work at entrance 4 of Rea Road was brutal, especially for the Rucksters.  Bulldog’s suggestion of the backwards bear crawl was a gift to Radar…among others.  #unsavory #sickandwrong

Few quick observations:

Udder can fly as evidenced by the smoking of his boots during the jailbreak.  Nutter Butter apparently owns smoke boots as well.

An ailing Baracus came off the DL and pert-near spilled the merlot on a couple occasions

Our War Daddy – Matlock – added pain to pain – going with the “Shore’s Shoulders” during the arm circle segment of COP – strong work brother #missyouTheShore

Kotters to Baked Beans?  Hadn’t seen you in a while brother; but then again – with 20 workouts in Area51 now….

Young Love & Baracus need to requistion a shovel flag for Anvil


F3 Dads camp at Camp Thunderbird Aug. 16-18.  Sign up soon!  www.f3nation.com

Tell friends, neighbors, etc. about Outland – new Sat. workout 0700 at Sun Valley MS/HS campus (Indian Trail area for those geographically challenged)

HDHH tonight at Vintners at 1800h #friendsdontletfriendsdrinkalone






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Purple Haze
10 years ago

The old 1-2…the jabs of the 11s with burpees at the top set me up and the backwards bear crawl up the hill followed by the plank at the end was the knockout punch. 10 count for PHaze.

10 years ago

Thanks Hops. Static squats during arm movements should be required. Otherwise, it’s wasted time.
. No mention of the fact that Annie and I were the 2nd car there this morning? When we’re late, everyone jeers and points and I hear “slacka” in that British accident!

By the way, what’s a merkin Banana’s style? I don’t see it in the lexicon?

(Bulldog, I forgot to mention that I have a bag full of team pinnies for kid’s soccer. I don’t know if you coach or if you know someone who could use them.)

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