Cuddlebear Skunkworks

Cuddlebear Skunkworks


A pack of 38 fought through the post-July 4th blues at Skunkworks.

–          SSH
–          Imperial Walkers
–          2-Handed KB Swings
–          Stagger L&R Merkins on KB

Mosey to Parking Lot, Partner Up for Bus Runs
–          Partner 1 to bus, Partner 2 exercise, switch, plank until all complete
–          Burpees / Run
–          Upright KB Rows / Jog & Sprint
–          Goblin Squats / Backwards Run
–          Overhead Presses Front & Back / Karaoke

Merkin Partner Chasers
–          Partner 1 farmer carry with both KBs
–          Partner 2 5 merkins, runs to catch up with Partner 1, switch

–          LBC w/ KB
–          Flutters w/ KB
–          Dolly w/ KB
–          Peter Parker
–          Parker Peter
–          Mason Twists w/ KB

Circuit of Pain
–          10 burpees
–          Bearcrawl to median w/ KB
–          10 Goblin Squats w/ KB
–          Sprint to top of hill
–          10 merkins, stagger L/R
–          Repeat for 2x cycles total

Mosey back to Flag

I’m still getting rid of some vacation cobwebs but solid work out there today. Well done to new guys out there, keep coming back. It gets easier (kind of).

Strong groans on the call to elbows at plank and the newly introduced Bearcrawl w/ KB (new for me at least). I was hoping to see someone carry the KB with their teeth but the one-armed awkward shove was the method of choice.

Welcome FNG JR Hopson, from Marshville, NC – the land of Country Livin’ and Randy Travis.

— Harley

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10 years ago

The Bellcrawls were painful, felt like Quasimoto dragging my ball and chain….and the huge knot in my back as a result is very Quasimoto-like as well. Much obliged.
On a lighter note – kudos to Bananas for the home run of a nickname: Country Livin’ Fellas – nicknames don’t get too much better than that. Perhaps an instant F3Nation Nickname HOF inductee.
Nice to have Dora with us at Skunkworks – where was the Ruck?
Good Q Harley – nickname should be Silent Assassin – you always bring high levels of pain in a stealthy way. Aye!

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Until this morning, i didnt know what a KB sliding on concrete “smells” like…

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