Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can


17 Men of Fast Twitch headed out into the gloom for some early morning track and field…

The Thang:

Warm-up with moderate half mile around the track, mixing it up with some buttkickers, high-knees and karaoke.

4X timed interval runs on track: 4min run at tempo pace 80%, 1min walk.  Divided into three groups to keep pax with similar pace together.  Total distance for group one: 2.7mi

Mosey over to south end-zone for recovery and planks.

120s: goalpost-to-goalpost races.  Run with partner to north end, pain station with partner, sprint back together to south end, winner recovers, loser gets 5 burpees.

  • 20x squats
  • 30x lbcs
  • 10x merkins
  • 20x dollies
  • 20x hth
  • 25x smcs
  • 10x burpees  (final one, last 3 finishers get 10 burpees on return)

Jog back up to parking lot for COT

Total distance: 4.5mi


Perfect weather this morning at a crisp 72 degrees without any precipitation.  Thankfully we had TR there to provide some air pollution to ensure none of us are too fresh.

Interval training helps build the speed and ultimately get faster.  Relatively short intervals today of 4 min gave most a chance to get a half mile for each interval.  Will be building up these toward an 8 min pace over next several weeks.

Had some questions on the tempo pace we ran for the intervals and wanted to provide a little more explanation…   Hat tip to Bratwurst here who provides a great description: “T-pace / Tempo / Threshold / 15K Pace – some research calls this Lactate Threshold (LT) pace, or a hard pace that you could run for a race of up to 60 minutes.  For workouts, it is a pace that should be “hard” but controlled breathing (not breathless) and a pace slightly below at which your body can still process all of the Lactic Acid buildup so you do not get sore muscles during the workout.

To get your target pace, you can go here:, enter a recent race result (or timed pace from our 1-mile runs) and it will provide your T-pace for various run distances.  Aim for the right pace during the runs.. training faster than this risks injury.  Training slower doesn’t risk injury but doesn’t advance your speed either.

Great effort out there by all the groups, especially those out front 49er, Joker, TR, and Sprague.  I had trouble keeping pace with you guys today (too much beer over the 4th?).

Must have been more humid today than expected –  several “weight vests” (soaked shirts) seemed to fly off near the end to lighten the load.   Saw some of our female clipboarder friends turn their heads, though not sure if it was toward us or away from us at that point.  I’m sure they all appreciated the expose from the Men of Fast Twitch.

Limited chatter today due to the heavy breathing being expressed by all, but was good to keep together in groups for some 2nd F where possible.  Track and Field two weeks in a row, so expect some more off-campus tours in the near future.   Welcome FNGs to Fast Twitch – we hope to see you back!


  • F3 Charlotte South Pig Pickin’ 2013 Saturday 7/13 Will have a pig pickin, DJ, and kickball/cornhole competition. Olde Providence Baseball Fields July 13, 2013, 5-9 PM. $10 per grown up, $3 per child. No need to RSVP at this stage, just show up… questions send message/head count to Bugeater:


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10 years ago

“Perfect weather” was tongue in cheek I hope… As for the paces, you are right on. No problem copying from me, for I am just building on other wise minds.

There are some great off-campus hills in nearby Raintree that I figure you all will find eventually. Decent 4.5 mile hilly course from Woodfox, L on Rounding Run, R on Raintree (end is brutal near Providence), R on Whitethorn, R on 4-Mile Creek, L on Raintree to loop back home. Map is here =

10 years ago

That was a good time. Sort of. At least, I will appreciate having done it more than I appreciated doing it. Suffered emotional whiplash when contemplating another bleeping 20 minutes of gassers, then realizing it ended at 0600, not 0615. Despair to elation…

Can someone from the first group post their fancy Garmin report?

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I will definitely be back as speed work is something this old man needs Held my own on the sprints but was behind on the track. Of course, Charlotte South still needs to recruit some over 50 men. I’m too young to be War Daddy.

10 years ago

T Leg you definitely did not “have trouble keeping pace” during the gasers. As I was your partner and you smoked me 5 out of 6 times. The breather while the loser does burpees was a nice prize, and if the loser gets too far behind it’s almost impossible to come back. My tank was completely empty at the end. #differentpartnernexttime. Nice job!

Looking forward to a nice break tomorrow at Death Valley…

Reply to  49er
10 years ago

Hope Stagecoach brings inordinate amounts of pain tomorrow 49er…you’ve earned it

Purple Haze
10 years ago

When I ran down the field the time after the LBCs, it looked as though I had left a dead man’s chalk outline in the dewey grass…and that seemed appropriate given my condition during and at the end of this workout. Completely destroyed by this workout TL! Never thought I’d hear myself say that I was ready for off-campus distance running…but I’m saying it now.

During the sprints, Spackler and I pushed it hard…but felt completely inadequate running in the “lane” next to Area51’s elite, Joker and TR. I was beside TR when he realized our stop was at 6:00 #giddylikeaschoolgirl.

10 years ago

Stagecoach, if you are reading this….be nice tomorrow! Not sure my legs can handle another back-to-back Twitch/DV if they are to follow anything like last weeks! As all have said, great job TL. I always say, and will continue to say, that I loathe Tuesday mornings at Twitch. But for some reason I keep coming back…go figure. Big thanks to PHaze for letting me win a few sprints this morning!

10 years ago

Great to see guys really pushing themselves today. Every single person got their money’s worth.

Alf and Slo Glow [sp?] were getting after it in the sprints today too.

Still a number of speed demons that have yet to post at fast twitch… Busch, Ocho Cinco, Bulldog… just to name a few.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Son’s of Ballantyne next month…

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