Big Chested Relay Day

Big Chested Relay Day

23 men showed up for humid Day Zero beat down. 23 finished probably a couple pounds lighter. #quiltfreebeer  #yourwelcome

The Thang

Spackler Q

  • Run down to the fields -backwards run, side runs, forward, sideways you know the deal
  • Warm Up
  • 20 SSH
  • 5- one leg burpee
  • Arm Rotation- 1min
  • 5- one leg burpee

COP- partner up for Bama Circuit

  • P1-20 merkiins
  • P2- squats until P1 finishes
  • Flap Jack all the way down to 1 merkin
  • Merkin total 218

Mosey to the end of the field for 100 yard gassers- plank at the end and then do exercises

  • 20 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 Dollys
  • 10 Diamond Merkins

Radar Q

Gather at the end of the field and group up in threes and each team gets a sandbag. (Ruckers did not seem pleased)

  • 35lb Sandbag Relays around the track
  • P1 runs with bag to P2, P2 runs with it to P3
  • While waiting for hand off of sand bags, Pax did jump squats the first time around and switched to burpees the next two
  • We did this three times around the track. It took a while

All Pax gather to cheer on the final leg.

Line up for some more gassers- Stay in relay groups

  • While P1 sprints out 75 yards and back with sandbags. Other partners start burpee broad jumps in the same direction
  • When P1 gets back to other partners he hands off the bag and continues burpee broad jumps with the rest of the team. This goes on until your team gets to the end of the 75 yards

Turn around and go back the other way with a different exercise

  • P1 does squats with  bag throw down the field.
  • Other partners sprint 75 yards and back to bag thrower. Switch and so on. Back and forth

Turn around for another round-

  • P1 does sandbag shoulder presses (this turned into Alternating shoulder press squats)
  • Other partners sprint 75 yrds and back. Switch out. Back and forth until all do should press.

Mosey up to parking lot for Mary

  • 11 Flutters
  • 1 min of ski abs


We had a great crew out today. It was good to see some new faces. Hopefully you all make it back out. Props to Baracus and 49er for running in from The Rock. Funny I haven’t seen anyone running from Day Zero over there. Weird. Mighty Mite also showed up early to get in a mile on the track

Spackler did not waste time getting to it. Warm up was short and sweet and then we started working our chest. Not much chatter during this. Pretty sure 49er and Haze were using a different counting system as they finished when most PAX were at 11 on the countdown.

Congrats to Chipotle, Mighty Mite and one other (comment to be recognized) for winning the relay. Chipotle finished strong for the victory. This was not easy.

YHC was sure when he called squats with bag throws  all his precious bags would be destroyed. All but one made it. I should never doubt my craftsmanship. I should note that the one that busted was in Dora’s possession for the last 10 days. He showed up with it having some questionable tape on it. As they say, when you want something done right….

Semi-Gloss went Donkey Kong on us and got out of his shirt half way through. Much smoother skin than DK though. Not to be out done Hoff stripped down to a sweat soaked, stretched out tank at the end. Hoff also hard committed to doing Go Ruck. He will now have to trade in his weighted fishing vest for a Ruck. Purple Haze is considering so Ruckers get in his ear.

Coffeteria note- Hops showed up with his 2.0 looking very clean. He said he didn’t post because he was going on vacation today. He wasn’t on vacation, just leaving for it later today. His 2.0 told him they should not have showed up. Sometimes children can be so wise.


  • BMX rally at Colonel Beatty Park on Sunday- Beach Cruisers welcome too. Get with Tiger Rag
  • July 4th convergence work out. South Charlotte Middle
  • Go Ruck Lite July 6th. See Go Ruck sponsored Dora in you are interested











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10 years ago

HC for Day Zero on 7/13. Barqs rightly pointing out our double fartsack was a bit painful to hear…as the truth often is!

Purple Haze
10 years ago

This was another in a long line of brutal Day Zero beatdowns. My chest will be pumped all day and now none of my tshirts fit. As for me and 49er, our counts were the same as everyone else’s…it is just that we are elite athletes adept at the merkin.

Radar, you are sadistic with the sandbags. That is just a fact. And laying them out for all to see during the pre-workout 2ndF was especially evil.

As for the Go Ruck, I don’t remember considering it just yet. But maybe I’m mistaken.

Mighty Mite and I on Q next week. He is only 26. It will be bad.

Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Dickies was the third member of our championship relay team. Next week will be a slow one at work, so I’ll have plenty of time to plan out a smoker for next Saturday.

The Hoff
10 years ago

Best routine I’ve been a part of! Wish TR could have been there…right up his alley. Nice work Q’s.

10 years ago

Great workout guys. It was my first visit to Day Zero and it will definitely not be my last. Spackler at the start punch us right in the face with the 200+ merkin pyramid. Strong! And P Haze and I kept it honest as always. I had heard about Radar’s bags of pain and, I will admit that Good Hands, Semi Gloss and I tried to bust ours during the squat tosses. Radar must have spent a small fortune wrapping those things in duct tape bacause Gloss was pounding that thing to the ground and not one granule of sand escaped. T-claps to Stone Cold and Big League Chew for keeping the rucks on the entire time. Great way to end the week.

10 years ago

Enjoyed my 2nd lead gents. My chest is still twitching, as are my legs, back and tri’s. Thank you Radar for the co lead. Huge T-claps to the Go Ruck fellas. Better you than me. Until next time.

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