Drivers education instructors needed

Drivers education instructors needed

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 23 pax were ready to get after it

The Thang

Merkins X20
Flutter kicks x20
Imperial walkers X20

Dirty McDeuce with run to top of Little Ave, five burpees, and return to starting point before each set

Set 1
Diamonds X12
Squats X12
Mtn Climbers X12
Donkee kicks X12

Set 2
Merkins X12
Dolly X12
Freddie Mercury X12

Set 3
Jumping lunges X12
Carolina Dry Docks X12
Stagger right X12
Stagger left X12
(this set was crowd pleaser)

Run to parking lot for ladder with sprints
Squats 10-1 and Merkins 1-10

Suicide run in parking lot – three legs

Six minutes of mary (flutter, Rosalita, LBC, high flutter, protractor)


Naked Moleskin

Early morning drivers around CCHS evidently have not been trained on use of turn signals and had the PAX agitated during COP on Little Ave. Maye YHC shouldn’t do a COP in the middle of a street even if it is 5:40am?

Great to see two FNG’s and 23 pax (a record for Centurion???). Would have had the record for sure if Cadillac and Charcoal hadn’t fartsacked and I hadn’t traumatized Abbacus and Hops with the Devils work out in a Catholic faciilty a few weeks ago. This was old school with short runs in between various exercises meant to create full body quiver.

Glad to see Senator Trussel. That’s 2nd time in a row I avoided the War Daddy tag. Still a bunch of Hates in the PAX but I like getting pushed to go faster.

I hope Ringo (Beatles fan) and Beamer (have to check to make sure this name is not already taken) got what they were looking for and will be back. Goal is to get a little stronger every week.

Looking for other volunteers to Q. It’s a great experience and will make you better. Please contact Escargot, Runstopper or myself. Also, F3 is more than just exercise. Great way to find your purpose with access to resources to do something great.

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Run Stopper
Run Stopper
10 years ago

Solid beatdown this morning, Chelms. #legsRsmoked

10 years ago

Took the day off this a.m. However, planning on hijacking Devil’s Workout for Area 51 workout in the morning. Isn’t imitation the greatest form of flattery.

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Great workout today, Chelms. Thought we did 50 SSH today?

I did a hill workout at the Fort yesterday and was not expecting more hills today! But, it was all good – glad to be out there this morning.

10 years ago

Where’s pax cop @catholic?

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