Don’t ask the [Mall] Cop for Directions!

Don’t ask the [Mall] Cop for Directions!

Aye!  The VSF was planted and then immediately abandoned for the better part of the workout as 14 Strong Men sped off into the gloom for a mostly-off-campus adventure, later to be joined by a 15th who has not yet adjusted to the earlier start time of Fast Twitch.

The Thang:
*Run to Davie Park the long way (along 51)
*COP in Davie Park consisting of SSH, Merkins, Squats, Burpees
*Run along neighborhood roads in a counter-clockwise pattern from Davie Park eventually back to the school.  At each point where the road you’re on dead-ends, 30 merkins and plank work to regroup.
*Once back at school, more pain including lunge walks, burpees, squats, and mary.

Altogether, the pax completed:
*3.1 miles of distance
*200 merkins
*30 burpees
*Plenty of planking
*Some respectable number of squats, walking lunges, and mary

*Mall Cop joined the workout when we made it back to the school.  Claims he was only 5 minutes late and was running on the track the whole time, solo.  This cop has no alibi, however.
*YHC brought out the gunshow… went ahead and let it be known that’s my thang for warm weather… and I’m like Teflon here… anything you dish out on that don’t bother me.
*A co-ed bunch came running through the school parking lot while we were in the middle of knee-ups.  Or, at least, some of us were doing knee ups while many were apparently just totally smoked and enjoying a nice sit and/or layabout.  A perfect opportunity to impress all of the non-F3 world was missed, alas.  It’s supposed to hurt!
*Great group forming at Fast Twitch.  Come check it out if you haven’t yet.

Nice work out there today fellas.


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Strange Brew
10 years ago

Well I can claim to have been smoked by that one, but will keep coming back, I do seem to miss out on a lot of the planking…

10 years ago

Complete body smoke fest! Great workout this morning Sprague. It was nice going “off campus” and experiencing some hills. May have to do a little carbo loading before next week. Cheese Curd… the swimming video is called Total Immersion. The Shore has the DVD if you can’t watch if for free online. Did Mall Cop complete the 20 burpee penalty for being late? If not, I believe you have 24 hours to complete.

Mall Cop
10 years ago

49er, I just knocked out your call out for a 20 burpee penalty for posting late. I pulled in the parking lot at 5:20 and saw the cars but no pax, and then remembered Fast Twitch starts at 5:15! You guys must have put the petal to the metal leaving the campus. You’ll have to forgive me since I was on the DL for the first 2 weeks. I have to say the 3.5 miles I ran solo in the track were a drag since I was looking forward to some 2nd F during the workout! I was glad I caught the final lunges, burpees, meekins, squats and Mary though!

10 years ago

Total Immersion?? Yeah, I was totally immersed in the lack of feeling in my legs and lungs after that workout.
Great smokefest, Sprague.

10 years ago

The co-ed running group must have thought that they stumbled on a bunch of dead bodies in the school parking lot.

And the sleeveless shirts are fine; just don’t dial back the apparel anymore than that.

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

It was great to get out after being on the sidelines! Guess I will rehab with a fast twitch post. Joker is the real deal, Thankfully he wears fancy shoes that glow! let it be known he has an eye on the Prize…I think he feels like he can post his times on the walls of South Middle.
I am not sure what side I am on for the epic battle, I may post to bagpipe to see which team to be on. this was my FNG post to Twitch, strong post from all today!
49er thanks for the swimming tips…I need it!

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