Murderhorn >= BRR?

  • When:9/04/14
  • QIC: Strawberry
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Kiper, Big Tuna, Peaches, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Mic Check, Outback, Crabcakes, Rip Curl, Parfait, O-Fer, Patch Adams, Beeker, and Strawberry

Murderhorn >= BRR?

Posted on behalf of Strawberry

15 of South Charlotte’s finest decided they wanted to get a workout equivalent to running 30 hours in the mountains. The Murderhorn obliged. Good news = I’m a professional. Bad news = not in exercise science.

The Thang:


– SSH x 30
– Merkins x 20
– Parker Peters x 20 (Opposite of Peter Parkers for the Pax that don’t know)
Mosey to Murderhorn; detour down and around Rosebriar Lane’s circle (YHC had to look that up). Stop half way around loop for 10 merkins. Then back up and down the murderhorn stopping at street lamps for 10 merkins along the way.

20 Burpees OYO – Mosey up and grab a running and pressing rock (No pebble, but also no boulder)

Split up into 3’s for Grinders:

– Man #1 = Curls. Man #2 = run to 1st street lamp with your rock to relieve Man #3 = alternating offset Merkins with rock. Each Pax tags the other for alternating stations so each is on a station twice.
– Next sets – Man #1 = Overhead presses. Man #2 = Up the hill to the street lamp with your rock. Man #3 = On your 6; press rock while Dolly. 2 Rounds.
– Last Round – Man #3 on 6 – press rock while Flutter. Others keep same exercise.
– Return rocks, and start back up the ‘Horn.
Stop every street light for 5 Burpees OYO.

Back to parking lot for Mary: First off = 5 Burpees OYO; then LBC’s x 20; Rosalita x 20; Heels to Heaven x 20; Russian Twist x 20. 30 seconds left so 20 Merkins for old times’ sake.


Great turn out considering the many ‘runners’ excuses about ‘taking it easy’ on the verge of BRR. YHC didn’t want the Pax to feel left out running hills, so we gave a visit to the Murderhorn. What a sneaky, nasty hill. With the days getting shorter, it’s also becoming more dangerous with the early worker bees who don’t partake in the joy of F3. Their loss; our gain unless one of them hits us while we’re doing burpees, rock press/dollies, etc. Great work by all who posted. It was brutally humid, but everyone powered through and kept a consistent pace with each other. As always – Mic Check took us out with a great prayer. It’s humbling to be able to lead such a great group of Brothers


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