Turning 40 isn’t supposed to hurt that bad, is it?!

Turning 40 isn’t supposed to hurt that bad, is it?!

The shovel flag was easily planted in the muddy muck, and 25 brave souls ventured out into the DMZ.

The Thang:

Hops on Q:

Jog 0.4 miles from Carmel Rd. Park to Carmel MS


SSHs x 25

IWs x 25

Squats x 25

Merkins x 13

Jog to track

4 corners of pain

10 Merkins, 15 LBCs, 10 Wide Arm Merkins, 15 Freddy Mercury’s – running in between pain stations

Plankorama when finished including some C. Laettner’s which CR loves.  Laettner that is, of course, not the exercise.

4 more corners of pain

Lunge walk to 15 merkins

HIgh knees to 20 LBCs

Lunge walk to 15 Diamond Merkins (YHC audibled from wide arms to diamonds though Longhorn and a couple others had already hammered out the wide arms)

High knees to 20 Freddy Mercury’s

Jog to finish

Plankorama including some elbows on the asphalt.  Crowdpleaser.

Merkin Jacks x 13

Skywalker on Q:

40 Burpees in honor of Stagecoach’s 40th birthday.

She-Hate-Me – 5 Minutes of the following:

20 Skater Lunges, 15 Merkins, 20 Dolly’s

3 MoM

Run 0.4m back to park for COT


YHC and Skywalker were hopeful for a successful turnout for the launch of DMZ; and we were not disappointed despite the rain and flooding.   25 pax posting.  T-claps to FNGs: Dropbox, Klinger and Spartan for posting on a very gloomy morning.  Even the guy who EH’d Klinger didn’t show!  Look forward to seeing all 3 of you out again soon.  Aye!

The workout was, of course, made more difficult with everybody carrying the water weight.  Somebody claimed they were essentially wearing a WV, but BS was called on that.

Kotters to Longhorn – great to see you back out brother.  Even with being on the DL for extended period – LH still brought it.

Stagecoach – who did his 40 birthday burpees in the center of the pax was mumbling something to the effect of should’ve taken breakfast in bed….while CR kept mentioning C. Laettner over and over…weird.

Great mix of pax from Metro, The Fort and Area 51 – just as the DMZ was intended to be.

Snowflake, our War Daddy today, is on Q next week for 2nd rendition of DMZ.


WCNC (NBC) to do a bit on F3 tomorrow at 11am live on Colleen Odegaard’s show (aka M. Mic Check).  YHC, OBT and perhaps one other from F3Nation to be in studio with clips from The Rock to be shown as well. Tune in, TiVo, DVR, etc., etc.

Still time to sign up for The Goat, Goruck?, BRR, and some other CSAUP stuff – see the website for more details.



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10 years ago

T-claps to Hops and Skywalker for bringing us DMZ. Nice new addition.

Kotters to Longhorn. Great to see you again brother!

Welcome to Dropbox (aka Gray Clark). Helluva morning to post for the first time. Looking forward to posting with you again.

Stage Coach
Stage Coach
10 years ago

Great job today Hops and Skywalker. It was like a mini-convergence with the Metro, Fort and Area 51 guys.

10 years ago

Thanks to all who came out for the launch. There’s something invigorating about posting when the weather is less than ideal.
Hope to see each of you in Gloom next Monday!

10 years ago

Aye. Great to see back in action. Missed you Brother. Also a little shocked that @CR was good with “Spartan” for an FNG. @CR may be slowing down a bit.

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