Strap it on and take the pain!

Strap it on and take the pain!

31 of Charlotte’s toughest (or craziest) F3ers showed up for some Backcracker pain at Kevlar today.

The Thang

Bulldog lead: mosey to parking lot with additional loop in a bid to “enable” stragglers speeding in on two wheels.
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Squats x 20
Merkin x 15
Parker Peters x 15
MC x 20
Dry Docks x 15
Squats x 20

Backcracker lead: everyone grab a band. Color key as follows: wimps – green, pansies – blue, tough guys – black
Apply bands to ankles and side step to tree and flip flop to second tree.
Leg circuit: ten side steps with squats facing one side and flip to other side. 20 lunges. 20 split jumps on curb. 10 frog jumps. Repeat x 5.
Chest circuit: bear crawl with bands on hands to curb. 10 merkins down, 9 merkins down, repeat to 1 and bearcrawl back.
Cardio circuit: shuffle side to side, up call was 5 jumps knees to chest, down call was burpees.

Bulldog lead: Jacobs ladder to 5: jump squats at bottom, burpees at top.

Sprint back to school lot for Mary.



Great to have chiropractor Backcracker out with his bells and whistles today trying to keep the lads on their toes. Tiger Rag questioned Backcrackers “eurosac” at the start asking if it was the new Go Ruck pack for 2013. Little did he know that it contained the rubber bands that would inflict today’s pain on the pax. As we strapped on the bands there were some mumble chatter about the hair loss on the side on the ankles but that will be the least of all of our concerns come tomorrow morning. The complaining was nipped in the bud with the command of “just strap it on and take the pain.” Needless to say a few other comments followed an instruction like that which could not be posted on a public forum!
The chest workout saw many fellas struggling especially those who bowed up and still went with the black band which meant you could do nothing other than diamond merkins. Those with the green band (almost like pantihose) could have done wide arm merkins and even manmakers with as stretchy as that one was.
Great lead there Backcracker and you may be creating your own new pipeline of patients leading workouts like that!

Welcome FNG David Dees (headlocked by Chaps) and I think that a great chance was missed in naming. Q asked “if he was good with Deez Nuts?” and it all came out sounding very wrong. With a last name like Dees we can certainly do better than Gullah or whatever we named him. Bananas I am relying on your Beavis and Butthead type humor to come up with something more appropriate. Please submit your thoughts below…

Have a great weekend with your families and loved ones and remember those who fought for our freedom.

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10 years ago

Eurosac – that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

10 years ago

There is only one name for Mr Dees and it ends with nuts. Bulldog, I’m not sure I am alone in my middle school bus humor after reading this bb. Great job fellas.

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