Base Camp Rookie Day brought to you by Coal Miner’s Daughter

Base Camp Rookie Day brought to you by Coal Miner’s Daughter

First off, great turnout today for Base Camp Rookie Day, a total of 21 Pax showed up despite the gloomy weather (although in YHC’s opinion you don’t get a better intro to F3 than that).  A well done workout by Coal Miner’s Daughter who has done a fantastic job as a real leader of Base Camp, well done brother.  We’ll miss you for the next little while.  There were 3 FNG’s and a couple of Kotters out there.

A real thanks to some of the leaders of Area 51 for coming out and bringing the F3 spirit (sorry TR, we don’t do 6 inches at Base Camp).  YHC has learned a lot from you guys, thanks for coming to show other newer folks the same.

21 Pax, including 3 FNG’s, several vets checking our Base Camp for first time and several familiar faces returning after being MIA, showed up for Rookie Day and the “Best of Base Camp”.

The thang:


SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 25

CDD x 10

Squats x 15

Merkins x 10

Mosey to track for two lines x 400m Indian Run

1 lap of “3’s” from Final Four Base Camp – 3 merkins at six stations around the track

Jog/High Knees/Butt Kicks to bleachers at baseball field

20 dips – 20 incline merkins on rail

20 dips – 15 incline merkins on rail

Mosey to baseball outfield

Karaoke left 30 yards from foul line – 10 merkins

Backpedal 30 yards back to foul line – 20 squats

Karaoke right 30 yards from foul line – 30 LBC’s

Jog back to foul line

Mosey to base of steps

Bunny hop up steps – plank walk down rail back to base of steps


Mosey up steps to restroom wall

People’s chair x 40 sec


Dolly x 10

Flutter x 10

Rosalita x 10

LBC x 10


Moleskin: Fantastic effort by all, all PAX staying together during the Indian Run for example (well done Tumbler, Briquette, Big Bear and others on the effort there!).  Great first time effort by Harpo Frack and Crockett, I expect I’ll see some of you at other F3 workouts given how well you cranked it out today.


Next week we are converging with the Matrix at McKee Road Elementary school with a special 7 am Holiday start time.

New Tues workout also at S. Charlotte Middle – Fast Twitch to work on speed kicking off tomorrow

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10 years ago

Harpo (who was WB by a large margin) needs the rename immediately to Oprah.
And Kotters to Funky Bunch. Only his 2nd F3 post, and his FNG appearance at The Rock was a few months ago.
Good work, indeed, by Coal Miner’s Daughter.
Great to see Big Bear back out. Hadn’t seen you in a long time brother. Welcome back.

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

The irony here is that the Oprah-fied men overruled me on Oprah. His name is Steadman, people.

10 years ago

Calling him Oprah is about like calling Bulldog Wanker. Harpo is much better. Leave the poor guy alone.
Great workout Coal Miners Daughter.

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