The Naked Banana featuring Ray Charles

The Naked Banana featuring Ray Charles



Shovel flag planted firmly in the ground and 30 Pax rolled in for the Skunk beatdown.  No one took TR up on his KB basics class at 0515.  #formconfidence

The Thang:

Ray Charles Lead

SSH x 25

Arm rotations x 10 each arm

IW x 20

Hanging Arm rotation x 10 each

2 hand swing x 20

1 hand swing x 10 each

1 arm swing alternating x 10

Clean jerk x 10

Goblet squat x 10

Clean and press x 10

Goblet squa to press x 10

Around the Wrold x 10 each

Louganis x 10

Mason Twist x 10

Figure 8 curl x 10

1 arm swing and pull x 10 each

Bananas L

Partner up like sized bells

Man makers while partner runs 2 laps


Alternating kb curls while partner runs 2 lap, flapjack

2 kb military press while partner runs a lap, flapjack

1 kb squats while partner runs a lap, flapjack 2kb bench press while partner runs a lap, flapjack Dying cockroach while partner runs a lap, flapjack

Mary the bell

Flutter with bell x15

Rosalita with bell x15

Twists with bell x15

Lbcs no bell x10


Moleskin (posted for Bananas):

Walking up to hear Bulldog in parking lot asking for hard commits to go ruck at 5:20am. He advises that it’s in the summer so it’s not even hard… Manmakers aka Bananamakers were not as well received as planned. If TR hasn’t already mastered an exercise then its actually not a good exercise. #belltoobig?  Brown said I didn’t have the coconuts to name them Bananamakers.

Missed my cadence on first round of Mary, rookie o2 deprivation combo mistake.

I enjoyed leading the group and really appreciate the encouragement from Hops, Stone cold, and Bulldog in forcing me into duty. As my father advises  in old school fashion any time i complain,  “If it was easy women and children would do it.”

Prayer request:  Keep Matlock and family in your prayers, Pray for Ray Charles and family as he leaves for AIA camp in CO for a few weeks.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

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10 years ago

Nice job lads and the picture is awesome! Hats off to you Bananas and its about time you stepped up and Q’d especially considering that about 20 of the lads who were out there today were a result of your head locks!!! I did think I heard at least 5 Go Ruck hard commits: Header, TR, Snakebite, Busch, and Donkey Kong. It’s public knowledge now…

Good Hands
Good Hands
10 years ago

Great job to the rookie Q’s today. Takes coconuts to step up and lead, and you both delivered a good beatdown. Loved the bananamakers, even though I only got to enjoy a few of them with Radar flying around the track.

10 years ago

Good lead today guys. I only hope I can do as well tomorrow. For the record Bulldog, add me to your list of hard commits. Paid my 90 this morning. Anyone have a ruck they want to sell/rent/donate

10 years ago

When someone offers you a mint, you take it, no? When someone offers you KB training, you should do the same, because there’s some dog-breath kettle bell swinging going on out there in the gloom. I am just going to start calling people out, I guess, before they #bulldog themselves.

I don’t know what’s going on with A51 and the #walkingfarts this week, but someone was quick to point out Bugeater sounded more like a Bug Zapper today. Go shake yourself.

The Bananamakers will be a great addition to the #MuseumofFail. Respect given for, 1) Trying something new; and 2) Sticking with it even when all evidence pointed to the contrary.

Stage Coach
10 years ago

Stagecoach is in for the Go Ruck too. I know of a few others on the fence.

Young Love
10 years ago

I hate sitting on a fence. What the heck, I’m in for goruck, too.

10 years ago

Good Q this a.m. Bananas and Ray Charles. Loved the combo of KB and sprints – O2 deprivation is what makes it painful! Kudos also to Enos who apparently posted at Diamondhead yesterday as well – FNG??? ….but not sure why I gave him my 25lb KB and kept the 35lb for myself #decidedsizedifferential.
The Bananamakers were brutal…pretty sure I tore something in my right shoulder during those but was able to finish the workout, so I hope not – yikes!

Not on the fence either with Goruck…definitely out for that.

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

I bugged out early due to 7am meeting with my Boss so he could finish the a## chewing he started yesterday. Also the merkinrenegaderowburpiesquatpress was a good one Bananas!Great job on the Q guys. Goruck…I’m thinking about it.

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