Roughing the Passer

Roughing the Passer

30 men posted at The Matrix for Psycho T’s first QIC experience. 

The Thang

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Combo platter – Merkins; Peter Parker; Parker Peter; Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Squats… with S-L-O-W count for maximum impact on the quads

10 burpees on your own

Find a spot on the all for Peoples Chair, with 30 shoulder presses

Back to the field for some cone drills

– Bear crawl

-Lunge walk

-Crab walk

-Broad jump [or Bunny Hop]

-Partner wheelbarrow

To the playground, for three cycles of:

-10 pull ups; 20 step ups; 20 dips

-Run to track and back

Back to the field for shuttle runds done on two man teams

-Sprint out and back [100 yards] while partner does merkins; flapjack

-Sprint out and back while partner does wide arm merkins; flapjack

-Sprint out and back while partner does stagered merkins; flapjack

-Spring out and back while partner does diamond merkins; flapjack

Close with 5 minutes of Mary, including lots of Superman and modified Superman stuff


-So, Psycho T starts us off with a verbal disclaimer.  Something like, “If I break you, remember, I’m not a professional trainer.”  Then a quick ball-of-man prayer… good way to get started… then we were off to the races.

-Good first-time Q by Psycho T. Plenty of cardio and strength work today.  Heart rate was high for 45 minutes. 

-Random observations:

  • Bulldog had a light weight hoodie this morning… good look for a young lad from across the pond.
  • Runstopper left his sleeves at home, but hey, when you’ve guns like that why not?
  • Tiger Rag… in a very un-Tiger Rag like fashion was wearing a watch that was five minutes off today… I had always assumed Rag synced up with an Atomic Clock every morning??
  • Is it possible to “fall down” during a crab walk… yes it is, as I did this morning. 
  • Triple claps for Snake Bite [formerly know as Ice T]… he has been working out with a vengeance over the past few months, and it shows.  Inspriration!

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Solid workout today Psycho T! Other than TRag complaining for the last 15mins about what time it was, it was time well spent. Not sure you left anyone with a disapointing Monday. Yes, his watch was closer to 15min off.
Joker, glad to see you’re back well, if nobody saw you, you were certainly heard…WOW!

11 years ago

User error on the watch (I set it ahead 7 minutes from a clock that was 7 minutes ahead).

Re Joker’s noisome lower GI: must have had the plate of Blow Your Arse Out at Long John Silver’s last night. Propose a name change to Harry Colonic Jr.

Could be the first workout where the Q both used and knew a #Weinke?

11 years ago

I was just waiting for Psycho T to slap TR with his Weinke for all the complaining during the last 15 mins. Great job Psycho T

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