29 At Hydra Launch

29 At Hydra Launch

Strong official launch of South Charlotte’s new Thursday workout Hydra. 29 men posted and YHC counted at least 8 pax who accepted the “no motorized means of transportation” challenge.  Nice!

The Thang:

Donkey Kong Q:

-Run 4 laps around track and complete 10 burpees each lap. What!… no warm up of SSH’s or Imp walkers??

-Partner up. Man A bear crawls around track while Man B completes 10 merkins then runs to Man A and switch continue until 1/8th mile lap is completed.

-Follow the leader running tour of new workout facility.

-Circle up for 1×4 Jack Webbs up to 7.  Ahhh…GoRuck memories.

-Run to open field.

49er Q:

-Partner up and each man completes 20 old school sit ups (partner holds feet of man doing sit up).

-Both partners sprint 50ish yards and complete 15 partner plank/diamond merkins each then both sprint back to other end of field.

-Complete 20 more OS sit ups each then sprint to other end of field and complete 20 partner plank/bunny hops over planking partner’s feet.

-Sprint back to opposite end of field… yep.. 20 more OS sit ups each then sprint to opposite end of field.

-Complete 15 partner plank/wide arm merkins each then sprint back.  Plank

-Next exercise with same partners: Man A runs to track and completes 2 laps and one up and over 4 legged mini monkey bars (gotta be careful with the family goods on this one!) then runs back to transition area

-Man B runs to playground and completes 10 pull ups then runs to concession stand and completes 20 dips then runs back to play ground and completes 10 chin ups and runs back to transition area.

-Each team completes 20 CDD’s at transition then Man A&B switch.  Repeato until time runs out (which wasn’t long..)



-YHC was surprised to see that at least 8 men accepted the run/bike to workout challenge.  This will be a standard Hydra challenge during the warmer months. What OPE lacks in hills and terrain it makes up for in convenience as several pax live within 2 miles of the site. Those living more than 1 mile away can meet at the Food Lion in Candlewyck and run 1 mile to OPE.  A few guys did this today and it is a great 2nd F as well. Thanks for organizing Dora!

-The Iron Man Award goes to Stone Cold for logging a 5 mile run/commute in addition to the workout this morning. If anyone completed a longer physical commute let it be known and Stone Cold will be disqualified.

-The Pitiful Excuse Award goes to Mall Cop, who drove this morning.  He was going to ride his bike but it had a flat tire…how convienient!  Walmart!  Don’t you live like a 1/2 mile away??

-Welcome FNG…Mr. Drummond; glad you could join us.  Note to FNG’s.. don’t be so honest when asked “what was your favorite 80’s tv show?”

-Great launch today and with 29 posting it demonstrates what we all already know… F3 is growing like gangbusters!



-3rd F..The Compass starts tomorrow at 0630-0715 at Chick-Fila at the Arboretum. Stone Cold and Bulldog leading. See Preblast for futher details.

-Continue to pray for Matlock’s family.



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Stone Cold
11 years ago

Great launch today, 49er and Kong. Hydra has plenty of playground equipment for Kong to experiment with…that’ll be future fun. No hills at Hydra but there are sure enough hills on the way there. whew!

11 years ago

Strong start kong and niner!

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