Hurry up Partner!

Hurry up Partner!

Old Glory was planted firmly in the soft ground and 32 strong men joined up for some morning pain.

The Thang:

Stack em to the lower lot by the church.

SSH x 30

Mountain climber x 20

Imperail Walker x 20

Shore shoulders (in Squat position):  Small Circles- forward x 10, reverse x 10, Large Circles- forward x 10, reverse x 10, In front x 10, Up high x 10

Partner Up/Circuits:

PT #1 run around the church; PT #2 KB Burpees until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Good Mornings until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Two hand swings until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Should Press until #1 returns; Flapjack

Plank-a-rama (Hops Q’d, thanks)

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Goblet Squat until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run arond church; PT #2 Curls until #1 returns; Flapjack

Stack em back to upper lot


Abs:  Jack Webb version; 4 LBCs for every 1 Dolly; up to 32 and 8

Louganis x 15

Mason Twist x 20



YHC thought I’d bring back an Oldie but Goodie, known as Shore Shoulders (of course in reference to the toughest pediatrician we know).  I hope you liked it if not complain to the inventor, The Shore.

Hops overheard an interesting comment in the gloom, “I thought I was in better shape than this”.  Not sure the source.  I think we have all said that before.  Just goes to show that there is always room for improvement phyiscally, mentally, and spiritually. #ironsharpensiron

The Form Nazi (Tiger Rag) caught Brown swinging that KB too far between his legs and reminded him to stick those thumbs where the sun don’t shine.  Always a great reminder TR.

Bulldog is human…(that doesn’t make sense).  Seriously, we hope you didn’t damage the back, BD.  Rest it, brother and get better soon.  Joker’s cologne works wonders.  #bengay

YHC hope you enjoyed the Jack Webb version for Abs. That one may return. #crowdpleaser?


Hydra Launch- Thursday at Ole Providence Elementary: 5:30am

Bring slightly used books to The Rock on Sat.

Wednesday workouts:  The Maul and Death Valley

Compass Launch- Friday at 6:30am Chick-Fila Arboretum; discussion Chapter 1, The True Measure of a Man.  (learn how to post in the rain, boom!)

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11 years ago

The Mary session was painful brother. Let’s do it again

11 years ago

We’re fast becoming decrepit old monkey skeletons. Just trying to save Brown from hastening the process and not #Bulldogging himself.

11 years ago

We need 18 more people to take the survey. Almost there. If you havent taken, here is the link:

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