Hurry up Partner!

Hurry up Partner!

Old Glory was planted firmly in the soft ground and 32 strong men joined up for some morning pain.

The Thang:

Stack em to the lower lot by the church.

SSH x 30

Mountain climber x 20

Imperail Walker x 20

Shore shoulders (in Squat position):  Small Circles- forward x 10, reverse x 10, Large Circles- forward x 10, reverse x 10, In front x 10, Up high x 10

Partner Up/Circuits:

PT #1 run around the church; PT #2 KB Burpees until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Good Mornings until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Two hand swings until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Should Press until #1 returns; Flapjack

Plank-a-rama (Hops Q’d, thanks)

PT #1 run around church; PT #2 Goblet Squat until #1 returns; Flapjack

PT #1 run arond church; PT #2 Curls until #1 returns; Flapjack

Stack em back to upper lot


Abs:  Jack Webb version; 4 LBCs for every 1 Dolly; up to 32 and 8

Louganis x 15

Mason Twist x 20



YHC thought I’d bring back an Oldie but Goodie, known as Shore Shoulders (of course in reference to the toughest pediatrician we know).  I hope you liked it if not complain to the inventor, The Shore.

Hops overheard an interesting comment in the gloom, “I thought I was in better shape than this”.  Not sure the source.  I think we have all said that before.  Just goes to show that there is always room for improvement phyiscally, mentally, and spiritually. #ironsharpensiron

The Form Nazi (Tiger Rag) caught Brown swinging that KB too far between his legs and reminded him to stick those thumbs where the sun don’t shine.  Always a great reminder TR.

Bulldog is human…(that doesn’t make sense).  Seriously, we hope you didn’t damage the back, BD.  Rest it, brother and get better soon.  Joker’s cologne works wonders.  #bengay

YHC hope you enjoyed the Jack Webb version for Abs. That one may return. #crowdpleaser?


Hydra Launch- Thursday at Ole Providence Elementary: 5:30am

Bring slightly used books to The Rock on Sat.

Wednesday workouts:  The Maul and Death Valley

Compass Launch- Friday at 6:30am Chick-Fila Arboretum; discussion Chapter 1, The True Measure of a Man.  (learn how to post in the rain, boom!)

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9 years ago

The Mary session was painful brother. Let’s do it again

9 years ago

We’re fast becoming decrepit old monkey skeletons. Just trying to save Brown from hastening the process and not #Bulldogging himself.

9 years ago

We need 18 more people to take the survey. Almost there. If you havent taken, here is the link:

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