The Gopher- Part 2

The Gopher- Part 2

33 men accepted the challenge and posted this morning for a 45 minute non-stop DV beatdown -aka-The Gopher (yes Tiger Rag… I got the workout idea from Haywood/WIB.. but isn’t that what backblasts are for??).

Warm up:

-YHC explains the course.

-Pax partner up.

The Thang:


-Pax run around parking lot. Teams complete 20 merkins at concession stand.

-Man A runs to football field and runs one lap around track, then runs back to the transition area (concession stand).

-Man B runs down steps to baseball fields and completes 20 reps each of: dips, modified pull ups, carolina dry docks, and LBC’s then runs back to transition area.

-At transition area each team completes a team total of 20 merkins; then man A&B switch.  Goal is for each team to complete 8 loops.

-Early finishers- Extra credit 2 MOM.


-It was very quiet this morning… as expected.  The only chatter that could be heard was in the transition area amongst teammates looking for one another, dividing up the 20 merkins, and giving the occasional shout of encouragement.

-This was a great final team cardio workout before the mud run.  45 minutes of constant running with pain stations added in is brutal; especially when you are have a team component factored in.  Pushing yourself to dig a little deeper so that your teammate is not having to knock out all 20 merkins or is having to wait/plank for you at the transition area is a great motivator.

-The goal of 8 completions of the loop was a bit optimistic, but’s F3 so the bar was set high.  I believe the most loops completed was 6.5.  If any team completed more shout out in the comments… you guys deserve the recognition.

-T-claps to Strange Brew and Thin Crust. You guys have come a long way brothers!


-Strong soft launch this morning at The Maul (Stonecrest).  26 post with 1 FNG…. EH’d by guess who????  I guess we can now assume that any FNG named after a fruit is a member of the Bananas’ clan.

-Time to taper.

Looking forward to Saturday.



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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

49er, don’t let Tiger rag on you. That was a solid workout, I was beat after it today! Glad you borrowed the idea! The A/B worked out better than I thought it would and Chx Wing, for only posting 3x’s worked hard today, nice job! Although, he just had to keep up with me…

TR, i know you reading this….can’t wait to get the Maul beat down, but i am guessing you have some sort of other pain planned for Skunk next week.

The Shore
11 years ago

That was not much of a taper this morning. Though my partner was 49er, since we went in opposite directions, I had the un-enviable task of running alongside (or rather trying to keep up with) Bulldog. By lap 4 or 5 he started to pull ahead but, I could still see him in my sights with that bright, fluorescent yellow shirt he was wearing. Then I lost him and thought he was far ahead, but saw at the transition area that shirt laying on the ground. So now I’m looking for the shortest guy out there in front of me, but still could not see him. I thought maybe just as you loose depth perception at night, I must have lost height perception as well, but perhaps that was just wishful thinking. Bulldog was likely just too far ahead for me to spot. He was flying! Strong work brother.

Strange Brew
11 years ago

Really enjoyed it, partner (Pinstripes) kept the pace up so had me moving, well done, really like the motivational factor. I thought I had time for one more round by the time we were done so poor time management on my part but great workout. Pinstripes, strong brother, looking pretty good.

11 years ago

Strong work today by the pax. Great Q 49er, I know I’m still feeling it. Your PAX list is missing myself and Chewy, who happens to also have been my partner at DV. Strong work Chewy! Kept me making sure I was pushing to meet you in the middle.

11 years ago

That was a tough one 49er! Enjoyed the company there Shore and Bugeater nearly made me bust a lung on the last lap!!! This was a way harder workout than what I read on the new Wed Maul workout. TR may have knocked out 2-3 laps at DV today…

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