Forget Proper Form

Forget Proper Form

30 men enjoyed a crisp morning of kettlebell fun.

– SSH, Two-Handed Swings, Merkins, Goblin Squats, Mountain Climbers

Burpee Chasers
– Partner up, try to match KB size
– Partner 1: farmer carry 2 KBs, Partner 2: 5 burpees, sprint to catch Partner 1…flapjack
– Around church to stairs, two-handed swings while you wait

Mary w/ KB
– Mason Twists, LBC, Flutters, Planks (no KB), Peter Parker (no KB)

Merkin Chasers
– Find partner, repeat lap the other direction replacing 5 burpees with 10 merkins

Partner Sprints
– Partner 1: KB exercise, Partner 2: spring exercise…flapjack
– Upright row / springs
– Goblin squat to press / bearcrawl, crabwalk, sprint
– Tricep presses / backwards sprint, spring

Lungewalk to Wall

People’s Chair w/ KB

Proper form is key for KB exercises, and Tiger Rag’s coaching is usually appreciated…However, his instructions on where to put your thumb on the two-handed KB swing was not a pleasant visual.

I had the misfortune to be partnered with TR and his 50 lb KB on the first lap and was thankful for Bulldog to switch with me on the second lap…but somehow I ended up with Header and his 40 lb KB. You guys are impressive with those man-sized KBs, my forearms are still twitching.

I tried to keep the pace up with no breaks, hope you enjoyed it. Great enthusiasm and good work out there! My shoulders are still hurting from Runstopper’s Jack Webb on Saturday.

— Harley

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Solid lead! Yes, I was in favor of your audible; however the “sick” pax took it upon themselves to reject your audible and make the second famer carry back along the church. You are all troubled! Apparently, some of you need to man up and get some heavier bells! I do enjoy the hurt

11 years ago

Hurting this a.m. Nice painfest Harley.

11 years ago

Also, only things Baracus needs to add to the muscle shirt he was donning are the gold chains and Mohawk!

11 years ago

My forearms are still killing me Harley. Thank you very little

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