Where are the Snakes?!

  • When:04/19/13
  • QIC: Skywalker
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Banannas, Snakebit, Zipadee, Wolfman, Mall Cop, Header, Bulldog, Snakebite (fka Ice T), Cottonmouth, Crab Cake, Chuck E Cheese, Backcracker, Gazelle, Busch, Good Hands, Cottontail, Rapunzel, Brown, Geraldo, Countertop, Salt Lick, Toxic Asset, Snowflake (War Daddy), Abacus, Radar, Broke, Chewie, Spackler, Speilberg, Lazy Boy, Chaps (FNG), Fletch, Skywalker

Where are the Snakes?!

Sierra Exif JPEG

35 of the faithful posted this morning despite reports of snakes biting and fireants stinging at the site.

The Thang
Mosey to courtyard for COP
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkuh’s (Bulldog-speak) x 20
Peter Parker x 15
Seal Jacks x 10

Run the Ring Road to the Hill with Burpees & Merkins at selected Pain Stations
Skywalker’s Ladder – Run the hill, burpees at the top up to 7 with 10 Dollys at the bottom each time down

3MOM led by Bulldog

Mosey to lower parking lot
Suicides with 5/10/15 Squats
Suicides with 5/10/15 Perkins (that’s the Perfect Merkin in Tiger Rag-speak)
Suicides with 5/10/15 LBCs
Suicides with 5/10 Burpees with 5 more Burpees at the finish

Mosey to “soccer field” while dodging the snakes
Dollys x 20
LBCs x 30

Great work by the pax this morning. YHC’s legs were so sore and tired after the hill work at Devil’s Turn yesterday that I wasn’t sure I could make it through the planned workout. But somehow YHC rallied.
Not much #mumblechatter this morning. Tiger Rag and Bulldog began their usual trash talking to each other as we began the Skywalker’s Ladder, but YHC noticed that Bulldog quickly pulled ahead to the lead through the Ladder and subsequent suicides. YHC thinks that Tiger Rag was saving himself for the #DoubleDown tomorrow. #Sandbagger
Ice T alledgedly was bitten by a snake during MOM at Skunkworks on Tuesday. While we have yet to obtain anything more than circumstantial evidence of this purported crime by the snake, the pax still decided that a name change to #Snakebite was in order. Great job this morning Snakebite!
And welcome FNG Chaps to Kevlar. Hope to see you at more Area 51 workouts.

-All Saturday workouts are on as planned. Check the website for details of each if you have any questions.
-Bulldog and Stone Cold are the Q’s for Compass which begins Friday, May 10 from 6:30-7:15 at the Arboretum Chick-Fil-A. We will be reading and discussing “The Treasure of Man” which is a great thought-provoking book. Please come out for some great discussion.

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11 years ago

Great to have you back Skywalker! Pics of the snakebite have been circulating and TR claimed it looked more like a stapler accident in the home office. Moon River (internist) who checked him out claimed that if it was a snake it would have been the size of his finger #blackmamba. Great seeing Gazelle back out twice in one week and awesome numbers for a Friday. Chuck.E.Cheese needs to embrace the nickname or it could keep sliding #drphildeeznutz. Be warned!

Young Love
11 years ago

Young Love was present, although apparently not in memorable fashion since you forgot to list me above. Posting here so I can get my “buy-9-workouts-get-the-10th-one-free” card punched.

Reply to  Young Love
11 years ago

My bad Young Love. Recording didn’t pick up as we were going hi tech Dora style. Maybe you should complain more (TR) or claim to have been bitten by a venomous creature (Ice T) or not like your nickname (Chuck E Cheese) to get a shout out!

11 years ago

Good work today Skywalker! Thanks to the PAX for the new moniker. I’m sure it could have been worse if left up to TR (something about staple guns…?) I’d make a comment about snake size but Bulldog would just turn it into some male genitalia reference.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

Return Of The Jedi! Nice Q today Skywalker, strong lead. It’s great to have you back in the rotation of being at the helm.

Snake Bite, you know Bull Dog’s true moniker is really Wanker!

Reply to  Skywalker
11 years ago

Was I supposed to lollygag changing it? Think that’s Chuck E Cheese’s realm.

11 years ago

I think name changes are bogus but I would have gone with Staple Guns if it had gone to a vote but Q was running a tight ship! With all the talk of socialized medicine there was a distinct lack of democracy on that one.

11 years ago

I just hope Chuck E cheese read these backblasts

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