Just Like Old Times

  • When:03-26-13
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Harley, Chuck E. Cheese, Chum, Plantain, Runstopper, Radar, Spielberg, Bananas, Geraldo, Dickies, Brown, Hops, Broke, Ice T, Bugeater, Stage Coach, Cheese Curd (WV), Baracus, Yankee, Countertop, Matlock, Monkey Joe, Pretty Boy Quarterback (Kotters), Crab Cake, Busch, Bulldog, PETA, TR, Stone Cold, Good Hands, Jamboree, Harley, and.....Fifol (if this is you, please shout out in comments--Stone Cold's penmanship is suspect)

Just Like Old Times

With as many men as degrees (32), the flag was planted.  The older guys knew what was to come…the newer guys would soon find out.


  • SSH x25
  • Imperial Wokka x 20
  • Perkin x 10 (perfect merkin, hands aligned with nipples, etc.)
  • Psquat x 20 (perfect squat, silent “P”)
  • Two laps

Team up into groups of 4’s, find a plate/plates/or tire for Hairburner Medley Relays:

Evolution 1–THREE cycles

  • Pax 1:  Burn hair, 2 x 25 yards
  • Pax 2: Two-handed swings
  • Pax 3: Perkins
  • Pax 4: Psquats

Evolution 2 – Rotate to different plate/plates/tire; THREE cycles

  • Pax 1:  Burn hair, 2 x 25 yards
  • Pax 2: Upper body (each pod select exercises)
  • Pax 3: Lower body
  • Pax 4: Core

Evolution 3 – Rotate to different plates/plate/tire; TWO cycles

  • Pax 1:  Inch Worms, 1 x 25 yards
  • Pax 2: Upper body (each pod select exercises)
  • Pax 3: Lower body
  • Pax 4: Core

 A Short Visit with Mary

  • Dolly with KB Chest Press x 15
  • Flutter with KB Chest Press x 15
  • Louganis x 8



  • Many of the newer Pax discovered the joy of hairburners, so named because the smell of the plate/paint on asphalt reminded Dredd(?) of burning hair.  We used to do these every other week or so back in the old days (6 months ago) before the kettlebell bulk order.  You might be able to hide from the pain with an undersized KB, but you can’t hide from it with a hairburner.
  • With the record number of Pax posting this morning, we had to pull in some local materiel–two tires from the field.  Different olfactory experience; more pain.  Next time we set out more tires so everyone gets a shot at them.
  • Good to see the teamwork and encouragement out there.  Cadre Runstopper was in someone’s grill shouting uplifting words to continue.  Something about “maggot,” if I heard correctly.
  • A pleasure to lead you, men.  Blessings on your day.


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10 years ago

Fifol was actually “Five Hole” who came out carrying a blueberry (or 15lb KB) and yet he’s the biggest lad out there. Fifol was not a big fan of the hair burners to say the least! Good to see the old school plates back out. Nice lead as always.

10 years ago

Nice to see everyone again out there! Thanks for all the help Runstopper! I don’t know how Tiger Rag comes up with this stuff!

10 years ago

Tiger-Rag: That was a stellar session this morning. My legs are crying… Sobbing!

I was talking with someone by the cars (sorry that I don’t know your name — people look different when they take the skull cap off) — we were discussing kid’s of middle school age (and high school) & their exposure to drugs. I guess that it is because of my experiences as a Prosecutor that I have been acutely aware of substance abuse amongst adolescents and adults. We may become lulled into a warm and fuzzy sense of false security believing that our children are shielded from exposure to drugs and alcohol at an early age due to positive sociology-economic factors and our suburban setting. If you don’t already know, you have an obligation as a father to educate yourself about these drugs, the ease of availability and frequency of use among our kid’s peers. I am not singling out a specific neighborbor— it’s a great community and school — but there’s a reason that Weddington High School is known as Weedington High!

Whatever view one may possess regarding pot: legalized medical and recreational use, etc., it has been empirically established that adolescent brains are negatively and permanently impacted with a resulting lower IQ as an adult.

There are absolutely terrifying drug use scenarios involving adolescents and the overwhelming commonality is that the parents were simply unaware. (Just this past weekend, a young man who recently graduated from the local high school that my kid’s used to attend up north died from a drug overdose. Folks who knew him said he was not a routine heroin abuser. You don’t have to be to die from a hot bag. He must have been a bad kid, or it was a nasty part of town, or where were the parents, you might be thinking. Nope! It’s a good school with good kids and families. DEAD at age 20!)

For those of us that have kid’s in Middle and High School, please google the CNN article concerning a 16 year old named Emily Bauer. She smoked K2, a synthetic marijuana. Read the article. Then ask your kids what they know about it. It’s around Mecklenburg and Union Counties.

While your at it, ask them about Oxy’s. If your children are aware… If they are prepared by you, they’ll know what’s around… Because it is ALL AROUND THEM! (If you’ve ever been injured or had a tooth pulled, I’ll wager the money in my pocket that you have a few pills left in that bathroom medicine cabinet — just in case you pull your back.) The most common way young people become introduced to Oxy is at home… In their own bathroom. The destructive force of this drug is tremendous and ruinous! Look what risk we can create for our children.

In the spirit of the 2nd F, I encourage you all to spend a little time educating yourself in order to nurture confident and wise children.

Tiger-Rag! Your workout was fantastic!

Cheese Curd
10 years ago

TR- You are correct, old fashion beat down. Well Done! Sure, I contemplated turning right around once I saw the plates out. But you know I kinda missed them, the burn hurts so good! I am not sure the new guys had similar feelings, but strong work gents! Also, liked the inch worm, hope we see that again!

10 years ago

Inchworm. Maggot. RunStopper was simply being thematic.
Great workout TR – Inchworm is one of many of my personal kryptonites, along with CDDs, crab walk, etc., etc.
See you guys tomorrow at DV!

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Man, love me some the Hairburners and Inch Worms, hate I missed this one as I’ve been resting the tweaked ankle from Sat’s Rock workout and the Spartan Race the past two days. I’ve been wondering when they will be resurfacing. It’s also about time to resurrect the Prowler as I’ve been missing that one too!

I’m Qing Skunk Works next week and so plan on another Old School workout (more to come on a Pre-Blast).

Thanks Matlock for your words of encouragement and advice as it’s a difficult thing raising our teens. My 14 year old son is going through that phase where he is feeling out his independence and trying to see what buttons he can push. You are spot on with how we should be direct with an open dialog, yet firm with our discipline in our relationships with our teens. They are hungary for a leader and if we aren’t willing to be that leader for them then their peirs will be! Parents are the single most influencial force in a childs life, if you are an active participant in your child’s life. Amen brother, we’re all here for eachother! #F32ndF

10 years ago

When the sound off counting in the warm up circle went so swimmingly, frankly I didnt have much hope for the day. Toe draggin inch worms were killer!

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