Pre-Spartan Warm-Up

  • When:03/23/2013
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Strange brew Purple haze Donkey kong Harley Cheese curd Barracus Knob Mall cop Ice t Hops salt lick High tide Fng - low tide Hacker Baked beans Monkey joe Bulldog Cotton mouth Stone cold Run stopper Tiger rag

Pre-Spartan Warm-Up

21 strong and willing men gathered in the shadows of the Rock on this pre-Spartan Sprint workout.

Spartan from 300 






QIC: Run Stopper

Side Straddle Hops in cadence x50

  • Mirkins in cadence x20
  • Slow Squat in cadence x30
  • LBCs in  cadence x20
  • Wide Arm Mirkins in cadence x20
  • Mountain Climbers in cadence x20
  • Star Mirkins own count x20
  • Diamond Mirkins in cadence x10

Jog to soccer field

Number off 1, 2

  • #1  Broad Jump/Mirkin – down and back
  • #2 Squats 

Pancake/ repeat

  • #1 Bear Crawls down and back
  • #2  Squat

Pancake/ repeat

Plank Up – Tunnel belly Crawl x2

Partner Up #1, #2

  • 1 hold hands out waist-high
  • 2 alternating knee ups to touch #1 hands x20


  • 2 hold hands out waist-high
  • 1 alternating knee ups to touch #2 hands x20


  • 1  hold hands out waist-high
  • 2 double knee ups to touch #1 hands x20


  • 2  hold hands out waist-high
  • 1 double knee ups to touch #2 hands x20

Belly Starts – Suicides – All x2

 Jog to pavilion 

Peoples Chair  / alternating (lift leg) 1 minute


  • 45 second hold – reset
  • 5 Mirkins

Bench work

  • 20 SILENT Jump ups
  • 10 step-up’s (10 each leg-switch)
  • Dips

Runstopper and Mrs. SAT NIGHT SPECIAL

  • Partner up #1, #2
  • #1 Plank
  • #2 grab Legs of #1 squat and shoulder press legs above head while #1 performs a mirkin x20 each

pancake / repeat

Jog to Kitty Litter

  • Separate #1’s and #2’s each group performs the following:
  • #1 wheel Barrows #2 Squats


  • Bear Crawls to end of Kitty Litter and back


  • Suicides #1 tag #2 x2

T-calps to TR on his saturday morning #doubledown. Many of the guys thought you were in the fart sack, i knew better.  What was up with Mall Cop today, dude was on fire, especially in the plank tunnel – belly crawls.. its like he was chasing some kid who just shop lifted at SouthPark Mall!

Extra shout out to FNG, low tide today good job B. Morgan.  You made High Tide proud!

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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Solid lead today! Really kept us moving. On the way back to the parking lot I was shocked 60 mins passed! Have a good time to anyone doing the Spartan, be safe!

11 years ago

Apparently the clocks are set five minutes behind in Hembstead as both Bulldog and Harley rolled in late…Ice T = outlier.
Good to have Hacker back among the pax (Kotters).
Also, kudos to Ice T for posting 5x this week.

Ice T
Ice T
Reply to  Hops
11 years ago

Thanks Hops. Thanks for your assist in the kitty litter.

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Nice lead Run Stopper! You know its a good one when you look down at your watch thinking there is 15 mins left and time for Mary, but its been an hour and time for COT.

On another note I twisted my ankle on the suicides in the kitty litter at the end and now it’s swollen and soar. On my way tk get an ankle support and an ice pack. Oh well, it will just make for an interesting Spartan Race tomorrow as nothing will keep me from finishing strong. Aye!

Ice T
Ice T
11 years ago

Thanks to Runstopper and Hops for your assist on the kitty litter. Appreciate TR as a motivator for the first set. T-claps to Runstopper on a great beat down this AM.

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