Where is Runstopper???

  • When:03/06/2013
  • QIC: Callaway, Runstopper
  • The PAX: Skywalker, Schnitzel, Salt Lick, Uncle Leo, Haggis, Nugget (FNG - Tyson R.), Bratwurst, Baked Beans, Good Hands, Psycho T, Dolphin, Double D’s, Brown, Turkey Leg, Far Side, Wolfman, Hops, Stagecoach, Frostbite, Bulldog, Baracus, Boutique (FNG – Steve T.), Monkey Joe, Lex Luther, Smash, Tiger Rag, Bananas, Pinstripes, Runstopper, Callaway

Where is Runstopper???

30 Strong men gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for the weekly beating that is Death Valley.

The Thang –

Warm up jog around parking lot


20 Burpees

SSH x20

Slow squat x 20

Break into two groups – Group 1 with Runstopper and Group 2 with Callaway. QIC’s switched groups at the halfway mark.

Callaway group –

Jog to football field

Line up in end zone – Series of exercises at 25 yard line, 50 yard line, opposite 25 yard line and end zone. Rinse/Repeat on the way back. Seven stations each exercise.

Exercise 1 – Merkins x10

Exercise 2 – Squats x15

Exercise 3 – LBC’s x20

Exercise 4 – Lunge x10

Exercise 5 – wide arm merkin x10

Jog to parking lot – grab some wall for 2 min of Jack x2

Runstopper group –

Trail run through the woods to Davie Park

4 round of pain stations:

10 pull ups

20 box jumps

30 crunches

40 mtn climbers

50 merkins

Trail run back to South Clt Middle.

Group converve to end the workout with 10 burpees.

Naked Moleskin –

Runstopper needs a gps watch, as he got lost on the trail from South Clt to Davie.

Good work by the two FNG’s this am. Hope to see you guys back in the gloom soon!

During the LBC set of the field work, YHC suggested moving to the track to avoid getting totally drenched fromo the muddy field. Some under the breath comments from Tiger Rag were overheard – something about yoga mats and towels. Yet, TR was the first one one the track!

Another strong prayer from Skywalker (fka Short Sale).

– Callaway





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11 years ago

Great workout this morning, Callaway & RunStopper.

To set any of you straight who thought I was being really nice to take Lex Luther all the way to his house in Matthews to get his second set of car keys, when I live in Montibello, I thought he said that he lived near MCALPINE Elementary. So we hop in the car and he starts giving me directions to MCKEE Elementary. Oops…
Still happy to help a Brother, but I think I need to clean out my ears before volunteering next time……

11 years ago

Nice job lads. Nothing like a warm up with 10 burpees. Dora is rubbing off on everyone!!! Thought it was funny when Psycho T thought Q called for “one arm merkins” instead of “wide arm merkins.” A few weeks of workouts like this and we may be there. Does TR stand for Towel Required. Think he and Good Hands were only guys on track. Bananas was a beast today…

11 years ago

Aye! Very solid workout. I concur with not moving to the track. May have been wet on the field but it was colder on the track. Great workout and it was great to see Skywalker in the gloom.

11 years ago

Where was Dora when you needed him? Headlamps not enough when Runstopper took us down the road less traveled. Can we get a count on total merkins incorporated in today’s workout? Brutal! Loved it.

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