Birds Need a Balanced Diet Too.

  • When:02/28/13
  • QIC: 49er
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Stagecoach, Abacus, Purple Haze, Mall Cop, 49er

Birds Need a Balanced Diet Too.

-Six runners posted this morning at Devil’s Turn. Turkey Leg and 49er arrived at 0510 for the 6 miler.  Stagecoach also arrived at 0510 but only to stretch before the 0530 4 mile launch.  The two 6 milers circled back to join the 4 mile group, and at 0530 one very loose Stagecoach and five other runners took off for a much colder than anticipated trek through McCalpine Creek Greenway.

-Turkey Leg, 49er and Purple Haze set just over an 8 minute pace for the last two miles only to have Turkey Leg announce that he was going to “light it up”  the last quarter-mile.  He then took off like Usain Bolt.  Impressive brother!  I predict a strong finish at your first half marathon next week.

-Hats off to Mall Cop.  Even after feeding the birds his pre-run banana somewhere around the 1.5 mile marker he still finished his 4 miles.  Birds can’t live on worms alone!

-It was great having  BRR runners out this morning already kicking off their training.  Should be a great F3 event.

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The Shore
10 years ago

Nice work today guys. Sorry I missed it. I was running in my dreams!

Strange Brew
10 years ago

Mall Cop, strong brother, very strong, you continue to inspire me. Well done.

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