Return of the Jedi

  • When:02/13/13
  • QIC: Harley, Far Side
  • The PAX: Donkey Kong, Old Tannenbaum, 49er, Calloway, Tiger Rag, Runstopper, Sprague, Spackler, The Shore, Skywalker, Uncle Leo, Bugeater, Radar, Haggis, Salt Lick, Hops, Coalminer's Daughter, Abacus, FNG Billy Cameron aka Sweatshop, Baked Beans, Nippler, Tickler, Pinstripes, Good Hands, 5 Hole, Bananas, Double Ds, Bulldog, Ice Hole, Countertop, Turkey Leg

Return of the Jedi


33 braved the weather forecast for rain and were greeted by the Return of the Jedi. Welcome back Skywalker fka Short Sale.

Warm up – lap around parking lot to pick up stragglers, SSH, mountain climbers

Split up into 2 groups

Group 1 – Harley

Circuit Breaker
– Dips on bleachers
– Take the hill, merkins
– Run around field, burpees
– Donkey kicks at rails
– 3 laps, x10, x15, x20

Baseball Field Races (not as smooth as I had hoped)
– Group sprint to outfield and back
– Top 8 advance, sprint to outfield and back
– Top 4 advance, sprint to outfield and back
– Remaining group Mary

Group 2 – Far Side

Half lap around track

SSS x 30, IW x 30, merkin x 30

Half lap, line up at goal line

Break into teams of 3 and add up your group’s age as your total goal for each exercise

1 man sprints to 50yd line and back while the two two men work toward team goal then each man rotates sprinting to the 50 until the team hits the number, plank when finished.

1st round burpies, 2nd round squats, 3rd round LBC

lunge walk to wall, chair for a minute

merkins x 25

Welcome FNG Sweatshop, nice work
A bit muddy as we saw some photo evidence on twitter from Spackler, hopefully that was due to LBCs and not merkins
Let us know how you liked the 2-Q workout as a solution to the large #
Good luck in the Go Ruck this weekend

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11 years ago

Nice job lads. Great to see Skywalker out there today sporting the bionic arm!

11 years ago

Tclaps for accidentally morphing O Tannenbaum’s name into Old Tannenbaum. Fitting, as he was in my group for the Burpee Your Combined Age nonsense. Just glad I didn’t line up next to Ice Hole or Callaway. #DecrepitMonkeySkeletons

Kotters to Skywalker the #OneArmedBandit. Got me thinking about all kind of great one-armed exercises for the future.

11 years ago

Good stuff this morning Harley and Far Side. Took a self-induced beating on the last cycle of donkey kicks, with one handing missing the bar and landing on my chest right on railing — yikes #gottabethegloves

11 years ago

Callaway and Ice Hole in the same burpee group….Never again….At least we had two bucks as well – Turkey Leg (Age 40) and Far Side (Age 36). #toomanyburpees

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
11 years ago

just be glad I didnt post almost half a hundred.

11 years ago

Great to be back out with you guys. Getting that strong dose of the 2nd F in the Gloom was the highlight of my day.

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