Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  • When:02/08/13
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Cottontail, Dickies, Bananas, Good Hands, Geraldo, Joker, Ice Hole, Strikeout, Sprague, Frostbite, Radar, Donkey Kong, Turkey Leg, TR, Bulldog...missing one. Sound off and be counted.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake” is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, in 1374.  The Olde Englishe will sound foreign to the modern ear.  It’s where we get the phrase, “Bulldog [sic] is in the Fartsack.”  And so it was at 0530 and 17 strong went forth into the gloom wondering who would post first:  Matlock or Bulldog [sic].



  •  Little baby jog to lower lot
  • SSH x 30
  • I-Walker x 31 (prepping mental Weinke…missed it)
  • Squats, Low and Slow x 30


  • Jacob’s Ladder x5 with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 burpees at top
  • Planks by Sprague


  •  Lunge walk up hill
  • Karaoke lunge up hill L
  • Karaoke lunge up hill R
  • Backwards lunge up hill
  • Sprint up hill
  • Karaoke up hill L
  • Karaoke up hill R
  • Backwards sprint up hill


  • Perfect Planks x 60 sec or so(no arses in the air, no packages in the dirt; align the spine with the legs, quads tight, cheeks clenched, heels back, head up)
  • Six inches (just long enough for ribald quips from Donkey Kong)
  • Dolly x 20 (hold em)
  • Rosalita x 20 (hold em at 45 deg.)
  • Low flutter x 20 (hold em)
  • High slow flutter x 20 (hold em at 45)
  • LBC x 30 (feet above knees, legs uncrossed)
  • “Hello Wanker” x 1
  • Perfect planks x 60 sec (Pax count around COP until we reach 60…we seemed to get stuck at the same person every 18 “seconds” or so)
  • Perfect planks x “60” sec (Pax count down from 60)


  • Lunge walk Fire Lane in front of HS.
  • Extra credit: wrestler walk the 2nd half


  • Flip tire
  • Bunny hop through
  • 5 burpees
  • Back of the line
  • Rinse and repeat up field and back


  • Sprint: 2 x 50 yd (? maybe?)
  • Sprint: 4 x 50 yd
  • Sprint: 6 x 50 yd (max effort on last 50)




  • It happens:  You wake up at 4 am, look at your phone and think, “How I love thee, Fartsack,”  and return to your dreams of socialized medicine, Wham!, and the Bronte sisters, only to arise at 0542 in a panic, and rush out the door.  We’ve all been there.  Don’t kick yourself in the bollocks, chum.
  • Some of the relatively new guys feeling the pain on Mary.  The Core is the strong (or weak) link in the kinetic chain and F3 does a great job tightening it up.  Stay with it–you get stronger.  And for some reason it’s easier when you lead.  Step up.
  • Controversial discussion post-COT today.  Politics?  Religion? Tiffany v. Debbie Gibson?  None of the above.  Proper burpee form.  The 6-count Stop Animation Burpee was demonstrated, as was the Flying Squirrel Burpee (sans Jazz Hands).  Each burpee style has pros and cons and the Pax is encouraged to pick the flavor that suits his needs.  He who has an ear let him hear.
  • Another birther controversy brewing, this time in SCLT.  Some are questioning Donkey Kong’s perpetual War Baby status.  By his account, he’s been 26 since 8th grade.  Perhaps Geraldo will get to the bottom of that with some hard-hitting investigative journalism.
  • Side note:  It’s hard to tell in the gloom sometimes, but if you come to HDHH you’ll agree that DK is the spitting image of that guy from Flight of the Conchords: (LINK HERE).  #Doppelganger
  • Prayer for Skywalker (aka/fka? Short Sale).  Don’t let the gloomies get you down, brother.  Also O’Tannenbaum’s mom fell and broke her hip yesterday.



  • Order your new 2013 race jersey.  Order by Feb 16 and it will be here in time for the Spartan.  Info on website.  Talk to some vets about sizing.
  • Leatherneck Mud Run participants: pay up for bus and sundries.  Swamp’s Poo List is coming out next week.  Don’t be on it.
  • Blue Ridge Relay.  Run 200+ miles for 36 hours with a few of your close friends.  Sign ups are on the website.

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11 years ago

I swear that Donkey Kong [aka, Danny Almonte] has claimed to been 26 since his first COT back in 2011. But he brandished his driver’s license this morning with hard proof, so I suppose it’s been settled… for now.

CLTSouth PAX… can we break 100 tomorrow? Won’t be easy with many of our GoRucker’s doing a field trip… but let’s try.

11 years ago

We had a lot of heels crashing into the asphalt from #clowncar during Mary . I have no doubt there was sufficient abdominal/hip flexor damage completed.

11 years ago

See what happens when you make fun of Matlock showing up at 6:02 on Tuesday!
Thanks TR for stepping up and taking the lead as usual. Have a great weekend lads!

11 years ago

Why the vitriol? I just skipped the warm-up. Before a fighter pilot scrambles must he first warm-up with a few SSHs and Merkins? Pfft! I think not!

Regarding Tuesday’s workout: I noticed quite a few of the PAX swinging their little sister’s 20 lb kettle bells. How convenient that she does not need it at 5:30 AM. That way you guys can save some money and you both can use them! What’s next? Wearing your wives’ fast drying panties?

11 years ago

Matlock it’s about time you bit in that one! Always good seeing you at any point during the morning. You must have been referring to Headers little red Christmas ornament he likes to swing at Skunkworks!

11 years ago

TR, sorry you had to step in to Q. Sounds like I need to get off the IR soon to help my co-QIC, Bulldog.

11 years ago

One of the funniest backblasts I’ve read. Great stuff TR. I’m out this weekend but will see you fellas early next week.

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