She Hate Me pays an unwelcome 1st time visit to The Rock

  • When:01/19/13
  • QIC: Big League Chew, Hops
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Matador, Hermey (FNG - Eric Wolfinger), Stagecoach, Misty (FNG - Eric Slomba), Stone Cold (ruck), Frostbite, Seattle Slew, Smash, Baracus, Skinner, M, Hagans, Pee Wee (FNG - Danny Gardner), Cheese Curd, Bird Hole (WD), Purple Haze (FNG - Keith Hendrix), Bullet Taker, Harley, Donkey Kong (ruck & WB), Deep Dish, Hacker, Bugeater (ruck), Strange Brew (ruck), Runstopper (ruck), Big League Chew, Hops

She Hate Me pays an unwelcome 1st time visit to The Rock

The shovel flag was planted through the frozen tundra, and 27 brave and hearty souls embarked on another weekly assault on The Rock.


The Thang:

Big League Chew’s Q:


Arm rotations – L x 10, R x 10

Windmill rotations – L x 8, R x 8

SSH 30x

IW 30x

Merkins 20x

Plank – right leg up then left leg up – 45 sec

Leg adductions – L x 10, R x 10

Indian Run – 2 Lines with 5 merkin chaser, last man snakes through Pax to front; 2x around perimeter of soccer fields

Partner carry with 5 squat chaser to infield, Flapjack

Hops’ Q:

Plankorama for 3 minutes

Jog to baseball field

She Hate Me – 10 minutes – Star Jacks x 10, Wide Arms x 10, Knee Ups x 10 – rinse & repeat for 10 minutes

Jog to North Face

10 burpees

Run, crawl, scale North Face by any means

10 burpees

several MoM:

LBC x 16

Dolly x 15

CCV – R x 13, L x13

Peter Parker x 10

Rosalita x 13


Run to COT



Big League Chew with a strong effort in his first QIC.  Always appreciate the “change up” to the COP and BLC did not disappoint.   Great to have BLC leading us off.  Unfortunately, YHC had to take an urgent call from nature about 7 or 8 minutes into the COP….so missed a bit of it while getting in some extra squats….this cleanse is messing with me something fierce!  The pax was gracious but understandably hesitant to shake hands afterward with YHC.

4 FNGs joined us – welcome to F3 Nation – Misty, Pee Wee, Purple Haze, and Hermey.  Also a special welcome to a Metro brother – Bird Hole.

T-claps to all the pax with the rucks…it is no small task to carry those around for 1 hour of pain on a frosty Saturday morning.


USNWC Convergence next Saturday 1/26 – meet for clown car rendezvous at The Rock at 0600.

The Rock will also launch as usual at 0700.

Friday, Jan. 25th – soft launch of Kevlar (site QICs Short Sale & Bulldog) at Covenant Day HS.   Launch time: 0545.  This is a temporary location until permanent site is secured.  This will will mean Charlotte South will now have workouts on every weekday and 3 sites on Saturday.  Great to see the pax growing – keep EH’ing your friends, neighbors and co-workers men!








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Mall Cop
11 years ago

She Hate Me for 10 minutes non-stop is just wrong Hops! Yet it hurt so good at the same time.

Great job on your inaugural Q Big League Chew!

11 years ago

Sounds like BLC did a great job in his inaugural Q. Did he have a wad of Redman Golden Blend in while Q’ing?

Big League Chew
11 years ago

I felt like I had a plug in after 10 mins of SHM and 10 burpies at the bottem and then the top of north face.
the stomach was churning anf my backside was frozen.

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