Lots of Grunting in the Gloom

  • When:01/16/13
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • The PAX: Harley, Bugeater, 49er, Joker, Dolphin, Uncle Leo, Stagecoach, Psycho (Death Valley FNG), Double D, Coal Miners Daughter, Pinstripes, Bananas (?), Spackler, Salt Lick, Schnitzer (?). Busch, Donkey Kong, Haggis, Hops, Frost Bite, Run Stopper, Bulldog, Tiger Rag, Young Love, Callaway, Countertop, TJ Kenny FNG ("M"), Cowboy, , Short Sale

Lots of Grunting in the Gloom

29 of the faithful came out in the Gloom and light rain.  Death Valley is known to have puddles on the track and a waterlogged football field, but those didnt make the Pax fartsack this morning.

The Thang


SSH x22, IW x 22, Mountain Climbers x 12, Peter Parkers x 10

Mosey down to track and split into two groups:

400 run with 5 burpees in each corner

Rinse & repeat with 10 squats per corner

Rinse & Repeat wih 10 Merkins per corner

5MOM: LBC, Dolly, Bicyle, Rosalita (en Espanol)

Suicides with a twist on football field

50/100 yd suicides: 10 burpees at the 50 & 20 burpees at the 100. Plank when done

25/50/75/100 Suicides with 5/10/15/20 Squats.    Plank when done

25/50/75/100 Suicides with 5/10/15/20 Merkins.  Plank when done

10 Merkins polished off with 10 Parker Peters

Mosey back to parking lot for COT



It was great to see so many of the Pax out this morning.  And a special welcome to M who got his name when he told us of his 5 yrs in the Army as an Intelligence Officer.  Psycho T also made a cameo appearance.    Hope you will join us down South some more, brother.

Right before we started our first 400, QHC was asked by one of the Pax “how many laps are we doing?”  QHC’s reply: “That’s for me to know and you guys to find out.”  In all seriousness, though, that’s one of the great things about F3.  When you aren’t leading, the challenge of the workouts are heightened when we dont know what the Q is going to do next.

After the 3rd 400, TR was overhead complaining about the asymmetrical nature of doing three 400’s instead of four.   Just trying to throw off  that brilliant engineering mind of yours TR.

During the suicides, QHC couldn’t believe how fast Haggis was.  He has either been sandbagging since he first started coming to F3, or he’s been running while dragging a bunch of his stones.  In either case, great job today, Haggis.  You smoked.



– HDHH tonight – 6:00PM at New South Kitchen

-If you dont have a Twitter account, please sign up and “follow” @F3Nation and@F3Area 51.  As we grow larger, we will be using Twitter more to communicate to everyone in Charlotte South.    It has been suggested that you set up your Twitter name in the following manner, using Joker as an example, @JokerF3

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11 years ago

Great job today Short Sale – that was a tough workout brother. Well done.

11 years ago

agreed – great Q Short Sale. Painful, gloomy morning at DV — it was great!

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