ABSolute DownPAINment

  • When:01/09/13
  • QIC: Dolphin
  • The PAX: Camacho, Coal Miner's Daughter, Blue Cheese, Frost Bite, Cracker Packer, Salt Lick, Craps (DV FNG), Lex Luther, Dora, Double D's (DV FNG), Bulldog, Skinner, Hops, Young Love, Spackler, Zip-A-Dee, Countertop, Harley, Stone Cold, Ice Hole, 49er, Cheese Curd, Tiger Rag, The Shore, Uncle Leo, Donkey Kong, Abacus, Schnitzel, Haggis, Bugeater, Joker, Callaway, Dolphin

ABSolute DownPAINment

ABSolute DownPAINment…well at least for YHC. 33 pax jumped out of the fartsack and into the gloom at Death Valley and got right to work.

The Thang
Little baby jog to baseball field for COP
– Peter Parker x 12 hold ’em
– Parker Peter x 12 hold ’em
– Merkins x 15
– Imperial Walker x 15
Trail run (1/2 mile) through the woods to Davies Park ending at base of grassy hill – Partner up

Little Baby Jacob’s Ladder (Partner Style)
– Round 1: Pax run hill repeats x 7, partner does merkins, flapjack
– Round 2: Pax run hill repeats x 7, partner does squats. flapjack

Mosey to grassy field for Mary
10MOM – Didn’t track time but it felt like 10 minutes
– Ab Pyramid (ala Skunk Works) – 1 Heel to Heaven (HTH), 5 LBC; 2HTH, 10LBC; 3HTH, 15LBC; ladder back down to 1/5
– Dolly x 12 hold ’em
– Flutter x 12 hold ’em
– Superman 20 seconds – TClaps to Hops for leading us in “Believe It or Not”
– Ab Pyramid – repeat above
Trail run (1/2 mile) back through woods to base of hill at SCMS

Jacob’s Ladder
Split into groups 1 and 2
– G1: Jacob’s Ladder with increasing merkins up to 7
– G2: LBC until G1 finishes, flapjack
Mosey to 3B foul line on baseball field

Set of Elevens
– Tiger Press (TP) – merkins with 2 overhead arm presses for each merkin
– Run across outfield until even with 2B
– Jump squats (JS)
Start with 1 TP (2 presses) and 10 JS, continue until 10 TP (20 presses) and 1 JS
LBC until all pax are finished



Pax may have noticed we did a fair amount of ABS work today…apparently I haven’t done enough of that in the past. Hope everyone got what they were looking for. Seriously, strong effort by the pax today. We never really stopped moving. #F3Strong #DolphinSmoked
Welcome to Death Valley FNGs Craps and Double D’s. Hope you enjoyed your post and will come back again soon.
Usain Bolt on Hiatus – No wide open sprint to start things off as YHC just didn’t have the legs for it after Tiger Rags CORE-bine yesterday. Couldn’t have kept up with Joker any way.
A Ruckin’ We Will Go – several pax posted with rucks on, GORUCK Challenge training is in full effect.
Clipboard totin’ Ms in the House – well at least on an adjacent soccer field. Only interaction was
“Who is that?” from the Queen Clipboard when one of the pax yelled out “Good Morning Charlotte”. Not sure if she got her answer.

– Inaugural SCLT HDHH is tonight at New South restaurant in the Arboretum at 1800 (6pm). For those in the F3 Fuel Challenge, rest assured they have water and carrot sticks on the menu so plenty for the pax to enjoy. May be a good time to use that cheat card. Seriously, hope folks will come on out and enjoy some 2nd F.
– Stonehenge – new SCLT Saturday workout in Ballantyne. Great response at the launch last week. Starts at 0630 in the parking lot of The Vines Restaurant. Co-site Qs Haggis and Dolphin will begin leading the pax this week. Be sure to EH guys you know that live in the area.
– F3 GORUCK Gear Night at Great Outdoor Provision Company off Park Road on 1/16/2013 at 1800. Great opportunity to ask gquestions of GOPC staff on clothing, gear, etc. whether for GORUCK Challenge or not. HDHH to follow.

Have a great day brothers. Aye!

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11 years ago

Another winner of a workout from the #WombFish. Small hills, big pain. Big hills, bigger pain. Lovin’ the ladders. #Tclaps for Qing with your ruck on.

Can we just rename this guy Womb Fish already?

11 years ago

Rename to Womb Fish definitely in order. Great Q Womb Fish. My abs are angry with you.

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