The Matrix

  • When:11/19/12
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: McGee, Slapshot, Skinner, Cheese Curd, Crab Cake, Short Sale, Mall Cop, Hops, Thin Crust, Countertop, Coal Miner's Daughter, Dora, Young Love

The Matrix

14 men gathered in the South Charlotte gloom on Monday morning for the official launch of The Matrix. 

The Thang

Run around school

Imperial Walker X 32

SSH X 32

Squats X 32 

Incline merkin X 24

100M run

Decline merkin X 24

100M run

Dips X 30 / Squats X 30

200M run

Squats X 30 Dips X 30

100M backpedal run

Pull Ups X 10 / Dips X 20 – 3 sets of each

100M backpedal run

Something X 30 [I can’t remember what… PAX, anyone remember?]

100M karaoke


Run around school

People’s Chair

Lung walk X 25 yards / 20 merkins / lunge walk X 25 yards

3 minutes of Mary [Dolly / Flutter/ LBC]

Merkins X 20

LBC X 30


-Belated shout out to Dora for the use of the digital weinke on Saturday during his time as the QIC.  We would expect nothing less from our Regional IT Q. 

-Hops was looking quite grizzly this morning with all the facial hair… not just a stache, but a full on beard…  very cropped and professional looking of course.

-Mall Cop had the look of man whose team just jumped two spots in the BCS rankings.   

-Triple claps for Young Love… making his third straight post at McKee Road Elementary


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11 years ago

I vote for seasonal nicknames. We’ll start with Hopsquatch.

11 years ago

great workout this morning Joker and nice turnout for the official launch of The Matrix.

11 years ago

Dora, that is hilarious.

11 years ago

And Doruck or Duck Sack

11 years ago

Long ago we had no weekday workouts. We started the #HorsePuncher. The idea was that you had to choose between the red and the blue pill to be pulled out of your #FartSack battery egg into the cold hard (but real) #Gloom. The #HorsePuncher is long gone, but now we have the #Matrix. There’s a kind of metaphorical significance in this, but I’m too dopey to see it. So, Aye. Just Aye.

11 years ago

the Diamond merkins to finish off were unsavory as well Joker.

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