Over Boulders on your Brothers’ Shoulders at The Rock

  • When:11/10/12
  • QIC: Hops, The Shore
  • The PAX: 49'er, Run Stopper, Lost Weekend, Dredd, Ninja Turtle (War Baby), Cheese Curd, OBT, Strange Brew, Big League Chew, Wanker, Tiger Rag, Haggis (FNG - George Crump), Ice Hole (War Daddy), Stone Cold, Tater (FNG - Mike Graham), The Drill, Hacker, Bugeater, Deep Dish, Mall Cop, Stagecoach, Ray Charles, Short Sale, Hops, The Shore

Over Boulders on your Brothers’ Shoulders at The Rock

The Shovel Flag was planted and 25 of the faithful attacked The Rock together.



SSHs x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

1-Legged Merkins – 10x Left, 10x Right

1-Legged Burpees – 10x Left, 10x Right

Jog to picnic tables

Dips x 75 (25×3), LBCs x 75 (25×3)


Jog to soccer fields

Merkin-Mtn Climber Clusters:   10 merkins/10 MCs; 10 diamonds/10 MCs; 10 wide arm/10 MCs; 10 stagger-arm right merkins/10 MCs; 10 stagger-arm left/10 MCs

Plankorama led by Dredd for a few minutes

Partner up for Prairie Fire Mary (aka Leg throws) x 30

CCVs – 10x Right, 10x Right

5 minutes of Mary: Dolly x 20, Low Flutter x 20, Rosalita x 20, High Flutter x 20, Superman

Forward Lunges

Backward Lunges

Gorilla Walk

Broad Jump Burpees

Jog to Kitty Litter

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk


The Plow

The Rocks: Up and Over (Boulders is what they are!)

Jog to NorthFace

Partner Carry Up x 3

Jog to COT



25 Pax strong this morning at the Rock.  The Rock has become a Boulder.  But nothing the Pax can’t overcome!  Much thanks to OBT and Dredd for the fellowship.  Dredd with the constant chatter but awesome leadership.  Does OBT ever get a word in when those two are together?  And thanks to OBT for taking us out with a strong prayer.

2 FNGs today at the Rock: Haggis – Scottish. Boxer. Stone Mason.  Need we say more?  And Tater – Clemson, Dental Implant Salesman — more to be said when you return!  Great to have you both with us and look forward to seeing you again soon.

The Shore introduced the Boulders to the Rock, which turned just 2 months old today – Aye!  Much more to be accomplished at the Rock.

Heard some bellyaching at the beginning with 1-legged merkins and burpees not being easy enough for warmup.  “Sounds to me like you’re daunted! Are you men or amoebas?” (Name that movie.)

Scaling NorthFace with 180+ lbs. on your back is no small task.  Nice work men.  More of that to come.

See you soon on another gloomy morning!



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11 years ago

Partner Carries UP The North Face? Insanity has officially arrived at The Rock…

11 years ago

Hops and The Shore,
Strong workout this morning. My favorite was the partner carries. Looking forward to more of those.

Nice to have Dredd and OBT with us. I had heard that Dredd adds some humor to the workouts, and he didn’t disappoint.


Reply to  Skywalker
11 years ago

Thank you Brother. It was great being at the #Rock yesterday. Great facility, great PAX. Love the #Not-A-Baptists.

I thought I did disappoint at one point however, because one of the PAX said to @TigerRag (who was next to me) “Hey, I thought the guys who started this thing were posting here today?” @TigerRag laughed and pointed at me and the querying PAX looked at me like “that dude?” #ExtremeDisappointment.

Another time I met a PAX’ M for the first time and she said “you’re Dredd? I thought you’d be a lot taller.” We both laughed and for lack of anything else to say I said “Well, I like to think of myself as tall on the inside.” Doesn’t even make sense, does it? HA.

Reply to  Dredd
11 years ago

Aye brother… “tall on the inside”… channeling Confucius, or maybe just Yogi Bear?

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