270 and work for the Right and Left (leg that is)

  • When:11/07/12
  • QIC: Uncle Leo
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong, Callaway, Run Stopper, Short Sale, Slap Shot, Joker, Pinstripes, Camacho – FNG, Dolphin, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Deep Dish, far Side, Lost Weekend, Countertop, Header, Wanker, Cracker Packer, Bug Eater, Hops, Harley

270 and work for the Right and Left (leg that is)

22 Pax reported at 0530 on a frosty morning for some fun in the gloom that is Death Valley.


Warm up run around the baseball fields to the track



SSH – 20

Imperial Walker – 20

Squats – 20

Merkin – 20

Moutain Climber – 20


Electoral College 400’s – 270 exercise repetitions mixed into 2×400 yard run

400 yd run broken at each 100 with exercise: Burpee x30, Merkin x30, Squat x30, Jumping Lunge x30, SSH x30

SSH as all finish first lap

400 yd run broken at each 100 with exercise:  Jump Rope x30, Squat x30, Merkin x30, Burpee x30


COP for the Right and Left (leg that is):

One Legged Jump Rope: 10x right, 10x left in cadence

One Legged Dead Lift: 10x right, 10x left single count cadence

One Legged Jumps:  10x right, 10x left on your own



LBC – 20x

Dolly – 20x

LBC – 20x

Flutter – 15x

LBC – 15x

CCV – 12 right , 12 left


600 yard Indian Run

Run to baseball bleachers

20 dips and 20 steps ups

Run to baseball field far foul post, sprint to opposite foul post




Naked Moleskin:

1)       Tiger Rag remains on the anti-tights campaign and is ensuring that anyone (YHC included) daring to don the sleek, warmth providing clothing chosen by athletes around the world is mocked.

2)      First sight of frost on the field at DV provoked some cries of “but it’s cold” when the first set of Merkins were called out on the field

3)      Strong work by all on the Electoral College 400’s. Second set of burpees definitely left YHC gasping some cold morning air

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11 years ago

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: one-piece undergarment for legs
Synonyms: hose, hosiery, leggings, leotard, nylons, pantyhose, stockings.

Note: “under” garment. Also, that the manliest name is TIGHTS speaks volumes.

Dolphin is apparently under the impression that F3 is a multi-level marketing scheme…brought another EH out to DV this morning after bringing two out Saturday. Got his eye on the Pink Caddy.

Don’t know why a Dolphin EH can’t be named Blow Hole, but my vote was overruled by the Pax, much like my vote yesterday….Dolph, bring an FNG to Skunk Works, where I hold the conch…that’s a quality handle.

Look, Joker, when your calf condoms put off the scent of Ben Gay for 20 yards, it might be time to get a new pair. #oldmansmell. But at least you’re not in lederhosen.

11 years ago

Lederhosen? German-themed workout in the future perhaps? I like it.
Second set of burpees was tough. Thank you very little Uncle Leo.
Good Q today!

And Joker could certainly run down a lot of fly balls in the gap with his sprinter’s speed. F3/DV softball team?

Counter Top
Counter Top
11 years ago

Outstanding work today on Q Uncle Leo. you torched our “git-away-sticks” this a.m.

Counter Top
Counter Top
11 years ago

on tights…

Principle = Stay Strong (Mind/Body/Soul)
Preference = Tights or no

That being said.
Compression pants Definition: Undergarments usually worn by athletes. They are form-fitting garments and when worn cover the athlete’s waist to mid or lower thigh. These garments are often made from a spandex-type material, similar to cycling shorts.
A major benefit of compression pants are that they keep the thigh muscles warm to reduce muscle strain and fatigue. In addition, there is some evidence that compression pants may enhance athletic performance.[1] They are also used as a way to keep the male genitalia in place. Compression pants also help to keep undergarments in place, and for certain sports, like baseball and softball (where they are also known as “sliding shorts”), come with padding at the hips to protect players from injuries due to sliding.
Another major benefit is that many compression pants are designed to wick sweat away from the body to lessen chafing and the onset of rashes. The friction between the fabric of the shorts sliding past each other may also be less than that of bare thighs rubbing, which may also reduce chafing during things like walking or running when the thighs are adducted.

Reply to  Uncle Leo
11 years ago

that’s Austrian, not German…huge difference.

11 years ago

Andrew: I don’t wear tights. I wear the required uniform.
Brian: Yeah, tights.
Andrew: Shut up.

Reply to  Nash
11 years ago

Breakfast Club – what a classic!

Reply to  Nash
11 years ago

I was waiting on that one all the way from the North Country. Well played.

11 years ago

There’s no glory in Chub Rub, sawn-off nipples or your Justifier flapping about. We can agree on that.

To summarize the definition,(emphasis added): “UNDERGARMENTS,,,from waist to mid or lower thigh….similar to cycling SHORTS….[are] also known as ‘sliding SHORTS’….The fabric of the SHORTS may reduce chafing…..”

If I didn’t know better, I’d say our FIGHT FOR TIGHTS supporter pinched the Wikipedia definition for Compression Shorts and substituted “pants.”
(You forgot to mention that jock straps are falling out of favor among the younger set).

You guys in the nylons: get together a form a cogent argument and get back to me.

11 years ago

Nice job this AM Uncle Leo. TR, I will deliver another EH on Tuesday. Get my caddy ready…

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