• When:11/01/12
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, Ray Charles, The Drill, Harley, Dolphin, Donkey Kong, Short Sale, Cracker


8 paxs gathered around the shovel flag and took off into the night for some interval training.

The Thang:

4 or 6 miles with quarter mile interval sprints every mile.

The Moleskin:

Half of us were Devil’s Turn FNG’s this morning. Welcome aboard The Drill, Dolphin, Cracker, and Short Sale!

Not only do the interval sprints get the heart rate up, but in the cold air they induce coughing, wheezing and a tightening of the chest. No worries, just more adversity to train the body to handle.

Most posted with headlamps this morning, though with the full moon, gloves were probably more of a necessity. With the cold air, all the heavy breathing was clearly visible.

Dolphin, despite being an accomplished ultramarathoner, was still breathing hard at the end of our workout. Makes me think of this fact you will observe at your next race – those finishing first are just as tired as the ones hobbling in last. Some are just routinely pushing themselves to get stronger, faster, and build endurance. Thanks for setting the example brother.


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11 years ago

Strong work fellas. Shout out to The Drill and Short Sale for posting 3 days in a row – Aye!
Maybe others posting.

The Shore – by “Cracker” do you mean Cracker Packer? If so, my man has officially hit F3 Nation like a Lance truck full of Nip Chees!

Reply to  Hops
11 years ago

Nice job this morning The Shore. Had a great time at the Devil’a Turn. Good luck at NYC.

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