Bag o’ Trick or Treats?

  • When:10/30/2012
  • QIC: Stone Cold and the whole PAX
  • The PAX: Ice Hole, Run Stopper, Salt Lick, Mall Cop, Countertop, The Drill, Ray Charles, Donkey Kong, Cheese Curd, Skinner, Thin Crust, Crab Cake, Joker, Bugeater, Header, Dora, Stage Coach, Far Side, Short Sale, Tiger Rag

Bag o’ Trick or Treats?

As the shovel flag was planted, 21 Ghosts and Goblins emerged in the cold, windy morning gloom to try a little different twist to the always unconventional Skunk Works.

So, each man had to pull either a Trick or Treat out of the jack-o-lantern and lead whatever was on the paper.  Each Q had the liberty to improvise as he wished.

The Thang:  (Ok well, YHC had to trek off to Raleigh today and somehow along the way, I lost the little slips of paper.  So, I’m just gonna list off memory what we did in no particular order.  I’m sure I forgot something, so please forgive me)

WarmUp- jog around track, SSH x 25, Imperial Walker x 25

10 x arm curls

5 x burpees

1 minute plank

20 x tricep kickbacks each arm (Short Sale- burn!)

15 x shoulder press alteranting on one leg balance (Thanks, TR)

Bridge 1 min, rest, Bridge another min, left leg raise, right leg raise

Crab Crawl the field with dumb bells

Merkins x 10

Diamond Merkins x 10

Bent over flys x 20

Merkins with Rows x 10

Shoulder press x 10

Rosalita x 20

DB squats to press x 15

Mason Twist w dbs x 20

Isolated curls x 20

The Dolly x 30

Heels to the Heavens x 20

LBCs x 15

Mason Twist w db again x 15


I know I missed a few in there somewhere, please reply below if you can remember what I missed.

YHC thought this would give some new guys just a taste of what Qing is all about.  We had many variations of cadence counting.  It may be time for another Cadence 101 class by Prof. Joker.  Although, you hve to admit that there is something special about Run Stoppers cadence that really gets you fired up…”NEXT EXERCISE _____, IN CADENCE, MOVE!”

Donkey Kong wins the improvisation award for the Crab Crawl across the field WITH dumb bells.  That one may make it to the regular list for Skunk Works.  Nice find, DK.

Ray Charles – can’t quite figure out who he cheers for:  he started at NC State, tranfers to UNC but show us this am in all UVA gear.  I guess the boy loves the ACC.

YHC is really diggin’ some of the new “regulars” at Skunk Works like Short Sale, Stage Coach, Skinner, and Header.  We appreciate your support!  Keep coming out.

Mall Cop posted early in his weighted down SUV and was selling kettle bells out the back.

Speaking of KBs, Tiger Rag is ready to lead us in the first SW Kettle Bell workout next week, so bring your toy and be ready for the PAIN.

And finally somebody who was close to Run Stopper, please post and explain why he was grunting so this am……

Stone Cold out.




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11 years ago

Peter Parkers x 20

11 years ago

Great workout, Stone Cold. Stage Coach led us in 20 Merkins with 1 foot off the ground – just after the 10 Merkins we had done. Whew!

I’m really enjoying the Charlotte South workouts and all the PAX. Thanks for making me feel welcome.
Short Sale

Reply to  Stone Cold
11 years ago

I like the exercise, but man, I hate alligators!

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